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A Divine Plan from eons ago now is activated

A Divine Plan from eons ago now is activated. With All the Codes Coming in to Awaken the Masses and to take Humanity into a Level of Wholeness and of Oneness, as Decreed and Granted~

The Only choice that remains for Humanity is to awaken, for this Has Been Decreed and we cannot go back. All of Humanity is Immersed in Love whether they know this Right Now or not. It Does not matter because its Happening.

Duality has all been just a game, a Dream of isolation and separation from Love, Your Eternal Source of Life. Now the cycle of duality Over.

ALL illusion and the cycle of duality is FORGIVEN as Earth=Heart is a Planet of Grace.

The New Model earth of Complete Balanced Harmonics affects every part of this Galaxy. This Star, and This planet was put in this universe..and this Galaxy..for the purpose of becoming one of the Great showcases...or models...of Light and Of Love... of COMPLETE FORGIVENESS.

Humanity's next roles is Being Examples of Love in Action, which is Being this Grace, This Love, and This Truth, so that everyone from a part of this Galaxy can come here and Observe the results.

By your examples of Being Love in Action With Us many of the Undecided or dark beings will see the actual application of all of Our Love, feel This Energy of Grace and so they too may ascend, they too may enter that timeless Realm of Light, that is truly a Heavenly one. This is what our planet is all about. The Moment has come for all Love Beings On Planet Earth=Heart to press forward with the truth from within and To be the Examples of True Love in Action. All of Humanity has been called to Shine the Lights as the Morning stars of a new generation.

Everyone came To find the divine light within and be guided gracefully by their hearts of truth and love home into Reality. Everyone came To discover the Real God within and to awaken to Their Highest Potential for the Highest and Best Outcome for ALL of Humanity. For WE Are All one and We Are All in This Together~We are One Family of Love in Heaven On Earth.


Heaven an awakened reality manifesting before Your eyes. HEAVEN IS NOW REAL and is coming in as the New Stage of Creation. Planet Earth =Heart was Created as A Garden of Eden Where all may play....and re~member each as Divinity and Magical Celestial beings. The Truth of Real Love is bursting forth this treasury, this Love gift for all of Humanity. Eternity Now becomes the Real Reality and death will no longer exist as it did in duality.

Heaven is a state of HEART in which you See and You Feel, the True perfection inside of your being. This Reflection is the True Mirror of Love and this gives you True freedom. Living Life in Heaven in Love Unconditional in Peace, Harmony, and Overflowing Joy. Humanity's destiny is to be Reflections of the Greatest Love of All which are Mirrors for each other of this Truth~

Heaven is real look inside and you will see its totally free and its True Real love.

Mother Gaia

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