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A Message written From All Higher Selves, We are Coming In

A Message written From All Higher Selves, We are Coming In~ out ego's~ Love IN~

Purpose, in the moment , on purpose, traveling through the moments....with purpose, which now has landed us HERE spiraling towards a new beginning, a BRAND NEW LIFE EXISTENCE, brace yourselves as those who have chosen to ascend into the depths of consciousness begin expanding and allowing the higher self to guide one into Higher realms opening the Doors.... deeper and deeper diving into the oceans of Un-conditional love and direct connection to source coming from within, needed for the continuum of evolution and to assist humanity out of the chains and bondage of a limiting box.... here we go, healing our inner worlds so that they may shine bright as the Morning stars we all Truly are, and become whole and as One we go collectively choosing our GRANDNESS and spreading this to the cores of our Hearts connecting to the Planet and connects US ALL, As we Heal and make this connection this opens the energies of Love to pour inside every Heart beating .....brace yourselves as old belief systems come tumbling down and replaced with the new belief system of Peace, Love, and Harmony....shedding our "EGOS" and becoming the "GREATEST GRANDEST VERSION/ VISION OF OURSELVES EVER POSSIBLE ON HUMAN GROUND OR PRESENCE....even since existence those of us who chose this path are now fulfilling our contracts to ourselves to be the Love we are.....healing ourselves to heal the Planet, healing that comes not from only this lifetime as well as the other countless times we have been here ....Here we are ready, to finally take the creating HEAVEN ON EARTH as each of us wake up and discover "OUR TRUE PURPOSE" for being in -carnation at this time....each of us "waking up to the part we play" in creating this grand experience ....keep your eyes closed if you must, even stay asleep if you would like, its going to happen....some of us would like this to be gradual....our advice HOLD ON....CHANGE IS DEFINATE, Because "Spirit has Made the Call, Its the Moment for all To Go Home" its the clarion call and the Angels are Singing ...The doors have been opened, Love is in the Drivers seat, and Love says Its the Moment all Come Back Home..........Here we go as we ascend INTO.....Un-Conditional Love, and True Oneness with ALL, for life on Earth=Heart and beyond and all becomes ONE again ... so Grand its hard to imagine, However when Love is Present ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE., Love is the TRUTH, LOVE WILL HEAL IT ALL .....Heaven on Earth is REAL..... Because LOVE IS REAL......

Mother Gaia

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