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An Attitude Of “No Matter what”

~The Road to Full Consciousness IS a Road, A Path, that Takes Courage, Determination, Perseverance, and An Attitude Of “No Matter what”. Because you have to dissolve the walls, which are the blocks within you, To Awaken Fully into the Present Moment. THIS IS THROUGH LETTING GO OF EVERYTHING YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE AND BEING ALL THE LOVE AND EVERYTHING YOU ARE.THUS DISSOLVES ALL ILLUSION.

The task Humanity is in for, is not an easy task, but it is not impossible. In Fact Humanity is Here to Accomplish the Incredible, something that has never been accomplished anywhere Within Creation, and Everyone will Succeed, as This is The Destiny of This Planet, DECREED BY US AND IS ONE OF THE MANY REASONS WHY WE HAVE SHOWN UP HERE~

This is something Unique, New, and Why Your Souls Were So Eager to Get Here. You Stood in Line, with God Zillion of Others, Just for this Experience, to travel from out of the depths of the lower vibrations, and Home into the Light, from unconsciousness, to Full Consciousness, reconnection to Source. This has Been referred to as Ascension. This is also why From Everywhere Throughout Creation everyone has come to Help Humanity and to participate in this amazing incredible event.

Many other Planets have Awakened Before, in which Most of You have also Been a part of this process this is why you are here, however, ignorance was not a part it, as it has only been running rampant on this Planet.But You will remember That Only the Best of the Best Came Into The Planet in these moments.

WE can refer to the Berlin Wall event coming down ending the separation of a country and in True Reality see that Event For Humanity Now, as completely letting go or breaking down the barriers of the ego, finally Stepping into the Oneness Energy, as this is what you came here to Accomplish within Consciousness and In Service to Source, your role in the divine plan.

Dissolving the walls that were the block to Full Consciousness, you are Opening the Doors so that Others can also make the Journey Home. In The unconsciousness you completely for got who you were, however, The Truth is Here Being Shared and is simple.

Simply Remember Who you are, and The Lights Come on, not remembering who you really are, you are in the darkness of unconsciousness.

~The Only way out of the darkness, or unconsciousness, is through. This each Being on the Planet has to Accomplish for themselves, and as we have shared is why so Much Help Has Arrived, from all throughout Creation.~

~You came Here, To Play a Part in the Most Unique Divine Plan. Each of You have Equal Parts, However, You Must WALK THROUGH THE WIDE OPEN DOORS, AND Stand Up to Accomplish this. You Begin this By First Remembering Who You Really Are. Once You Remember Who You Really are, then The Journey can Begin Home into the Light. This is when You Stand Up, and Once You Stand Up, Love Is Right Beside You. Love always remembers it is Love, and Love Can Only Stand Up~ WE STAND WITH YOU ~

Mother Gaia

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