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As One Chooses Love in Every Moment

As One Chooses Love in Every Moment, Love shows you the way with Signs, Synchronostic Events. Events such as these, only An Awakened Being Can Truly Experience, as they cannot occur in illusion. These Events Manifest as One Makes the Conscious Decision in Every Moment to Choose Love, when one chooses Love, Love Always Shows Up. If the being chooses something other than Love, then Love cannot show Up, it’s very Simple. The Masters on this Planet [and in Truth Each of You Are Masters, once You Awaken], understand this Secret Very Well about Choosing Love. The Energy is then Free for Creation and Love To Create the Highest Possible Outcome for Self and ALL for the Greater Good of the ALL. Once You can Understand this Hidden Secret about Energy, you will Begin Participating in the Magic of Creation.

For those Awakening, Synchronostic Events will Increase EXPONONTIALLY bringing Much Joy, Magical Experiences, Happiness, and increased Abundance, as They Are Truly Letting Go, and Have Allowed Love to be in Charge. For those wanting to be in control, they will not have these experiences and will find themselves further and further out of control. WE have shared this Truth many times, throughout the information we have given you. We cannot force others to Awaken to this Experience, all we can Accomplish is Providing the Information so that as You Awaken you have indicators. Out of illusion, you then experience Real Life, and Living.

WE are Bringing Back some Definitions to Assist You in The Higher Vibrational Frequencies, which are Higher Understandings of Love and Truth. The More You Understand the Truth, the Higher Truth Takes you into the Vibrational Frequencies, because this is How it works and this is how Creation functions.

Nothing Real can ever occur in illusion, it’s impossible. The Simple word of illusion describes it all. All illusion is a fake, a lie, it serves nothing, while an Awakened State Serves The Self and ALL for the Greater Good of the ALL.


Whenever you put theory into practical application and it becomes Reality, that’s a BIG YES!!

Reality then Appears!!

Mother Gaia

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