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Awakening into the New Age of a Spiritual Galactic Being

Awakening into the New Age of a Spiritual~Galactic Being Greetings Love Beings, Humanity is beginning to Awaken from a sleepy dream of separation and into the True Beauty of the Inner Being. Many are Being Awakened to witness and Be a Part of a New Age Emerging from the depths of the broken glass of illusion and lies, and Standing Tall On a New and True Foundation Built Upon The Truth Of Who Everyone Truly IS. A New beginning has Arrived and Planet Earth is Born into The Light of Her Destiny. Just as She makes Her Transformation, so will Humanity, As New Cosmic Beings Living in True Reality with The Foundation of Truth, Balance, Harmony, Whole Health, Miracles, Abundance, Equality and Unconditional Love.

As all the glass houses break into pieces, it takes with it the old ways of separation and fear, and absorbs those illusions that have kept Humanity prisoners and slaves. No Longer will the Truth be Hidden of Who You Truly Are. All that no longer Serves for the Highest Good of All is Dissolved Within Love. Out of the Ashes of duality, a New Balanced Being Emerges, one of compassion, understanding, Love of Self and Love for All. The Higher Self realized and Connected in human, ushers in a New Day.

This New Day is Emerging on the Planet , the Golden age is amongst us, as Humanity Awakens To All Prayers Answered. Where Every Moment is full of miracles, Abundance, True Peace, and Harmony for every one.

Within Each Living Soul on Planet Earth=Heart there is Now a Brightly Glowing, Balanced Flame, Bringing in the True Awareness and the connection of Love, Beginning from Within and Spreading Outwards like Wildfire, a Burning Flame of Unconditional Love, Allowing The True Being to Emerge and Be Birthed. As the Spirit Within Awakens Fully, it Recognizes the Love as a Mirrored Reflection of Love itself, and with open and affectionate arms, Welcomes and Embraces a New Human. Awake and Alive, In Love With Self and ALL of Creation, Connected to The ALL.

The intellect [the programmed mind] now must surrender to the Divine Intelligence from within Each Being, where The Being will find Inner Peace, and a doorway into Eternity. A way of Being, unknown yet to the common man.

As the Truth of Your~Humanity's Divinity is accepted and Embraced, All of You Will Awaken as an Expression of True freedom, a new way of Living, where the New Spiritual~Galactic Human Being can just “be“. This is Humanity's Destiny, and The New Human Race.

Through The Unique and Spirit filled Energy of Pure Love arriving on the Planet, it is bring in with it opportunities to Feel and to Discover the Love Within. By Loving the Self , we are then able to begin Loving each other.. Standing in the beauty underneath the open sky, and viewing the grandness outside, Humanity can then reconnect to the beauty of the God within and touch the freedom, coming from the inside, and beaming to the outside .

As Each of You Awaken and “Real Eyes” Your Divine Presence of Love from which you came and Your connection to the All, You are Given Your True Divine Inheritance. As Humanity opens Themselves, they Will Then Be able to Hear the Angels trumpets and The Company of Heaven's Clarion Call, calling forth an Awakening For ALL Across the Planet. We Are the New Guardians of Planet Earth=Heart as Balance and Harmony are Restored. A Brand New Day Has Arrived, Where All of Humanity can reclaim Their God Given Inheritance of Abundance, by stepping out of illusion, and into what is Real. Then may Humanity Truly See All as each other and gather together, reclaiming the ONE Family in which all of Us Belong, all Unique and All parts that make the Whole. As Humanity begins accepting and surrendering to Their Divine heritage and take on their New roles and responsibilities to the Love Within, ALL are Set Free from the old rigid duality, and Arrive Home within The Light. With Open Hearts, The Truth of Love opens the door, For all Of Humanity to step forward out of the darkness, AS Each Recapture The Light and Truth from Within , and Welcome Each Other Home, after the dream of separation closes forever... Heaven on Earth is Rising from out of the darkness of duality and We Are Now Ascending. As Each Awaken You Will See Mother Earth's Abundance in Our, Mother and Father God’s Love returning the Planet into the Garden of Eden from whence she came. Humanity is in the re-discovering of their True Self, which opens the door into the Present Moment of Now, Heaven on Earth and returns Abundance back to All of Mother and Father Gods Children, so all of You may Live as Kings and Queens. Divinity is close at hand, and We say Welcome Home Children. Welcome to The Present Moment of Now! Can You Hear US NOW?

Mother Gaia

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