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Awareness of your thoughts is the Key to Heaven

~Awareness of your thoughts is the Key to Heaven, The Doorway into Eternity, AND Through AWARENESS, YOU ARE IN Love. Once you are In Awareness that everything is LOVE and Only Thoughts of Love are Real, through this, you are Able to Transform all lower Energy aka ego or unconsciousness into the Highest Form energy, and Connect into the Oneness you Are = Full Consciousness.~

This Awakening is the Quantum Leap, Paradigm Shift, and Vertical Learning Curve also Referred to as The Ethics Train.

Decreed by Heaven, The last of the illusionary matrix is to be dissolved, and replaced with The Real Reality of Only Love, Joy, Unity, Family, and Wholeness Of Being. This is the Divine Plan Manifesting Now On Planet Earth=Heart.

Mother Gaia

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