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Breakthrough - Love does not Require a leader or followers

Breakthrough - Love does not Require a leader or followers. Real Love is Everyone Equally Being the Love They Truly are, as Co-Creators. It's All of Us, Standing Up Together as ONE Family, Holding Hands, Co-operating, and Functioning as One in Cooperation.

Each of You, Aware or Unaware, are Participating in the Changes. Each of You hold a Facet of The Divine Plan, and Now is the Moment You Awaken, if You have not Already, into Your Unique Part to Play.

WE are all One Family Of Love, Of Brilliance, Of Light. Each of You Awakening into this Truth, will never have to Feel Alone Again, because WE are Family!!

Changes are being Felt on All Levels as Well. All of You are Moving into Higher Vibrations, this takes a Breakdown, and then A Breakthrough.

So whenever you feel a breakdown occurring, Bless this Experience, and Know that you are Preparing for a Breakthrough.

This is the Same as "When one door closes, another Door Opens", into Grander Possibilities and Experience for You.

The breakdown may not feel good at first, but just know that it's required for You to Move into Higher and Higher Vibrating Energies. The Breakdown is Letting Go! It's Like breaking down the walls of isolation and separation, and then you are able to Move into Oneness.

The Planet is Oneness with the ALL=Earth=Heart=Everywhere Present. Just Ask The Atoms You are Made of.

The death of ignorance, the ego, is inevitable on this Planet and is now Occurring. We shared with you before that everyone must die on this Planet, and only ignorance can die, because you are Eternal beings, forever and forever. Pure Indestructible Consciousness.

The old cannot go into the Heaven on Earth experience, and this means the ego cannot enter into the Higher Realms, Higher Vibrating Energies, because there is no match. The ego is the wall that kept you isolated and separate from Your One Family.


Disclosure of Love and Truth Is Happening

Mother Gaia

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