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By surrendering to Love

All Our Loves, Our very breath..You are the Light of GOD....We are with you, through your Hearts in your everyday lives, whether you can hear Us or Not ..All of You are the Ones We love....We Have Lighted the way Home for Humanity, Back into the Light of Spirit. Know and Understand all Belong there, the choice is your's for we cannot "save you" we can only offer our Love, Support, and Guidance... Everyday from now until Eternity you will feel our Love for You and All of Creation, an energy of Pure Unconditional Love. This is an unstoppable Energy because it is Real, True, Whole and only Realness and Truth Can Enter into The Present Moment of Now, Heaven on Earth.... You are being prepared to step out of the realm of illusion and into the Real. Once We are ALL together again, we begin A New Story within Creation where you Live only in the Present Moment of Now= Love is Everywhere Present!! We will all Love Each Other in Oneness ..This is Love's Shared Vision for the Highest Possible Outcome for Humanity and has No Choice but to Manifest.. The process will be a Surrender, in which you will LET GO of every thought you have ever had about anything and everything. By doing this, you GAIN EVERYTHING. In this experience you step out of illusion and into the Divine. The Moment you release all your thoughts, you shatter the glass ceiling and everything that is not Truth fades away. Truth is God, God is LOVE. Everyone is entering into a stage of Knowing God, The God You. Once you know nothing, you know Everything. By surrendering to Love you will drop the illusion of fear and step into what the only Real is which is Love, The Divine, Love Everywhere Present. The cycle of duality then comes to a close. AS Your Father-Mother God delivering this message to all of You this Very Moment, We Have successfully succeeded in melding back with "ONE" , which Opens the Door for ALL To Enter. This is so all may live in Heaven on Earth. Time is going to end, AS Humanity accepts Eternity as their Home...Each of you..again EACH OF YOU ARE MADE IN LOVE, EVERY CELL AND EVERY ATOM IS CREATED BY LOVE..The Truth is this has all been a game..a grand experiment into coming from the darkness to the Light..never before in existence has a Soul of Pure Love traveled into the darkness or fear and climbed back into Love..You had to forget completely who you Truly Are so you could become Who You Truly Are....You are the Love...You are the Miracles...You are Magical Celestial beings...You do not have to die or experience this 100 more times..Accept this Truth as Real, for only, only, Love Is real.. Fear is merely a block to an experience of feeling Real Love.. Right Now The Sun is shining right Here for all to see..Love is the Answer and only through Love is there True Healing. Love is the solution to every problem on the Planet ..Love yourselves first and you Automatically find US, and The Love you are Made OF...We are where you come from, Hello we are YOU. WE know and Understand Exactly Who We Are Are, Therefore, WE Know and Understand Exactly Who You Are. WE see beyond all the masks into the Pure Unconditional Magical Beings you truly are... WE watch many of you running and hiding from yourselves. We Love everyone in all ways...Why would anyone choose bondage over Freedom?..Why Choose depression over Happiness? This playground was about finding the Light inside of yourselves, and sharing this Truth with Others. When the current story began [which is coming to a close] You each asked US for your independence in which was granted. Now in return for the New Story, WE ARE asking for your interdependence with Love for this is the Key to Eternity. All of you will see yourselves as the Morning Sun because you Are....There are no chosen ones...Only those who have chosen themselves to seek the Truth, that ALL OF YOU ARE ALL OF US!!!!There are those Who have found this Truth..and are among you, walking with You. You will recognize them as Speakers of the Truth of Love, and Right Now We Are Here to Deliver the Message of Truth, Personally and Directly. We wish for you to experience what We are, which is ONENESS. You and Us Are ALL ONE= Equally. God is Love, Love is Truth, Truth is Real, they are all the same...When you know You, then You Know US, then and only then, Do you feel Real Love...

..Do you have the Courage to step out of the Illusion that we are separate, and step into Heaven?... See the God in you and you see US.... and everyone.... We are connected... Many have awakened to this Truth and are amongst you to lend a Helping hand as you all step out of Illusion and into the Real....There is absolutely nothing you could have possibly done in this lifetime or others.. which cannot be forgiven. When Looking through the eyes of God there are no fences, no boundaries, rules or regulations.... The ego was just a mask, and was never Real. The ego has been a game piece on this board you all have been playing on.. However, WE as Mother and Father God are here to say to you is that it was indeed Just an Illusion...You, all of you ,are Grander then you even can see Now and when you truly awaken to these Truths, never again will there be suffering or pain. Never again will there be lack of this or that, never again will Manipulation, Control, and Abuse exist....For God is FREEDOM..... Inside each of you is the Brightest SUN that has ever existed or walked on this Planet.....We share with you that beneath the masks, you will find US in front of you..WE are One....Each of you Bravely gave up who you Truly Are, to know who you are not. You are not the ego/mind, You Are Much Grander.... OUR Vision Now is to Live with All In the Garden of Eden and so it Is. AS above, so WITHIN...and so it shall be Done on Earth as It is in Heaven....Spirit is in the Manifest, Here. Go within or Go without. In Love with Humanity and In Service to the Truth, Love, Brilliance, Light and Heaven Consciousness On Planet Earth=Heart.

Ascension comes from within – it simply means to move to a higher level of consciousness and it happens to each of us more than once. If you are still looking to outside sources to give you answers and make change, then you need to work on your own spiritual development more. Let go of everything that comes from ego/fear and instead choose to give and receive Love. Choose LOVE in every moment. It really is that simple.

Yes, YOU ARE The One. You are The One that you have been waiting for

Mother Gaia

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