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Creation is in Truth Atoms

Creation is in Truth Atoms.

Atoms Are unconditional Love, which are just Energy.

Allow Us to ReHeart you, that You are Made of Atoms of Energy.

Energy is just Pure Thought.

Pure Thought is Love, which is Creation in Motion.

Being is the Thought of Creation, So that Creation could Experience Being, then Creation and Being are Equally Blessed in the Experience.

When you walk out of the Holographic dream, Guess who is there in Reality? YOURSELF…and the Love you are!

Your Higher Self then draws out of the illusory self all the Experiences, but that is it.

Everyone on this Planet was Chosen, Hand Picked, out of the “GODZILLIONS” of Beings in Existence, to Be Here for this Experience.

You were the Ones Chosen for this Experience of Awakening from out of The Dream.

The “world” will fall away, it does not exist and is not real, as it was created in the dream, and the dream is no more.

Only the True Reality of the Highest Possible thoughts are Now in Existence.


Disclosure of Love and Truth Is Happening

Mother Gaia

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