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EVERYTHING COMES FROM WITHIN. CREATION IS CREATED FROM WITHIN EXPRESSED OUTWARDLY. "As the Phrase "GO WITHIN, OR GO WITHOUT." The Evolution and Freedom is about Living and Being, The Being each of US Truly are, THE GOD WITHIN, THAT IS EQUAL TO ALL LOVE IS. So the changes must first begin from within the Inner Being this is THE ONLY WAY.! Once you connect into the Heart Center, which is the connection to the Higher Self, then through this connection, You then embrace WHO YOU TRULY ARE! ALSO WHEN CONNECTED WITHIN THE HEART [WHICH IS ALWAYS PRESENT IN THE NOW] allows each being ETERNAL LIFE, BECAUSE THE CONNECTION FROM WITHIN IS TOO SOURCE[LIFE FORCE ENERGY] THEN YOU ARE ONE WITH EVERYTHING. Now there is a Huge difference between ignorance and INNOCENCE. Ignorance sees Innocence as dumb, weak, and meek.[ THE MEEK SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH] It misunderstands Kindness for weakness, and Love as something you take from others, or someone else gives you[ energy competition]. Ignorance CANNOT SEE ANYTHING OUTSIDE OF THE BOX, HOWEVER ONCE THE BEING LETS GO AND STEPS OUT OF THE BOX THERE IS NO MORE ignorance. Ignorance is not Creation or Love. Its nothing, it is but an illusion. Its only purpose is destruction, corruption, greed, power over experience, death, pain, suffering, and as we refer to it, it only takes a constant taker, it has nothing to give but emptiness and more nothingness.

Love is always GIVING, its function could never take, because Love is always Overly abundant the Cup that Keeps Filling up, Love has Everything, IS Everything. Innocence is a child Like quality of Love[not childish] Innocence is the True essence of WHO YOU ARE AS LIGHT BEINGS. CHILDLIKE AS WONDER, MAGIC, WHICH IS ALWAYS IN THE PRESENT MOMENT OF NOW[WHICH IS ALL THERE REALLY IS] EVERY MOMENT IS NEW, THIS IS CREATION THIS IS PRESENTNESS, LOVE EVERYWHERE PRESENT. Innocence allows, embraces, and does not question, because innocence TRUSTS THE EXPERIENCE OF LOVE IN EVERY MOMENT, AND LOVE IS ALWAYS THERE.LOVE ALWAYS RESPONDS. Ignorance questions, reacts, in a fight or flight reaction to attempt to continue its survival. Ignorance hides from the Light, because when Love is Present, ignorance disappears. As darkness is only the ABSENCE OF LIGHT, ignorance is the absence of Being Present. In Truth you are Innocent Beings, Divine Beings, once you awaken out of illusion/ignorance. Then you are in True Reality, where Magic, and Miracles Come Alive. Your True Being is Now Present and EXPRESSED FREELY. Ignorance attempts to confuse the being by providing disinformation contained in belief systems [ or we call BS or Bull S***] All illusion/ignorance is dense matter or low vibrational thoughts, also referred to unconsciousness. So ignorance and the illusion is the opportunity to get over here. The illusion which is the programmed ego mind attempts to grasp onto what it thinks reality is or should be. It analyzes and interprets information that is intellectual materialism at its finest, it always is looking outside to fill up on, mostly through manipulating others for energy and control. True Reality/Creation cannot be manipulated or controlled. It is Living from within, connected to source energy, and expressing this outwardly, inside out. Love has nothing to analyze or interpret, LOVE IS ALWAYS LOVE EXPRESSING LOVE, LOVE IS DIVINE INTELLIGENCE=CREATION.YOUR TRUE BEING ONCE AWAKENED INNATELY AND AUTOMATICALLY RECOGNIZES AND UNDERSTANDS ALL OF LIFE For EACH BEING IS UNIQUELY ALL THAT IS, AND LOVE IS ALL THERE IS. Currently those stuck within illusion see only projections. So when another being sees another being and sees an aspect of that being they do not "like" "Love" its not only just a projection, but a reflection of themselves. An Aspect you do not Love about yourself that you project onto others. This is where judgment stems from. Jesus made this statement "Love thy Neighbor as thyself". This statement became very misunderstood, because you attempted to put it outside of yourself. We will go deeper into what he was saying to you, which is SIMPLE "Love yourself and Love Others as Yourself, because they are Yourself" just as do unto others, as you do to yourself. The ego/mind ignorance programmed you into projections. Where the projections were about isolation and separation or the box. Ignorance taught you that everything was outside of yourself, and there was someone outside of yourself to blame, criticize, and dictate to others. Which is the power over experience. For example those in ignorance or program ego mind blame others for everything "going wrong in "their" life, and blame others for "their" own pain and suffering then they want someone to come along and save them. In Truth NOTHING EXISTS OUTSIDE OF SELF, YOU ARE NOT ISOLATE AND SEPARATE FROM US OR EACH OTHER, BECAUSE WE ARE ALL ONE. THE ONLY ONE TO BLAME FOR ONES OWN PAIN AND SUFFERING IS THE ONE WITH THE PAIN AND SUFFERING, AS WE HAVE STATED THE ONLY WAY OUT IS THROUGH. WHEN YOU POINT A FINGER YOU ARE ALWAYS POINTING TO YOURSELF 3TIMES...Love Creation is a Power With Experience, its EQual, it is Loving Others as Yourself with Compassion, Understanding, and Unconditional Love. This is Power With, Co-Operation, WORKING TOGETHER AS ONE. It is not competition, competition only exists in illusion. Competition also sets up limits and the Illusion of "win", corporations set themselves up to fail with limits and competition, while Love which is a COOPERATION IS ALWAYS A WIN=WIN FOR EVERYONE. a HOUSE DIVIDED AGAINST ITSELF CANNOT STAND, COMPETITION IS A HOUSE DIVIDED, WHILE COOPERATION[THE HOUSE UNIFIED] IS THE EQUALITY IN ACTION THAT BRINGS ABOUT GREAT ABUNDANCE FOR ALL. THE HIGHER GRID WHICH IS NOW ESTABLISHED EQUALS COOPERATION AND EQUALITY[ the lower grid is the program ego mind, primitive mind/ignorance] Its Impossible for you to be your UNIQUE GOD SPARK IN IGNORANCE, IT CANNOT WORK. In ignorance you cannot even Love yourself therefore Love anyone else. Only when you awaken can you connect into your UNIQUE GOD SPARK AND PARTICIPATE IN THE SYNCHRONOSTIC EVENTS, MAGICAL EVENTS, THAT ARE IN TRUE REALITY, OUT OF ILLUSION. In Truth you are Powerful Being of Love and Light, all created within Love, which is Creation. YOU ARE ONE WITHIN THE ALL EQUALLY SO POWER OVER CANNOT EXIST IN TRUE REALITY. In Brilliance the Sun is ALWAYS SHINING brightly on the ALL. Love is Like the Sun, that Shines Equally ON THE all...and in ignorance no one even notices the sun. Let go of illusion, and you step into the Brilliance. When a Being is unconscious, which takes place through the ignorance of themselves[ basically ignoring THEIR own call to awaken into the Truth, THE LOVE THEY TRULY ARE, AND INSTEAD GIVE AWAY THEIR POWER AND LIGHT TO OTHERS]. Then the being becomes doubly unable to distinguish REALITY FROM illusion. ROOT CAUSE IS BEING IN THE ILLUSION/MIND/EGO/PROGRAM.

Mother Gaia

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