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Heaven an awakened dream manifesting before our eyes

Heaven an awakened dream manifesting before our eyes...Just a Fantasy most believed by the old controllers of the game... Now is Real and is coming in.... as the New Stage of Creation....A Garden of Eden Now all may play....and re~member each as Divinity and Magical Celestial Beings....

The Truth of Real Love will burst forth this treasury...this Love gift for all of Humanity....Eternity becomes the new Name of the game and death will no longer exist as it now is in duality....Heaven is a state of Heart in which you see...pleasure and perfection inside of ones being...True freedom and Living Life spiritually...The Highest Possible outcome is being called by The the Old story ends....and a smooth transition has been requested for a Supreme Divine plan which is this....

All Karma and Negativity is to be forgiven with Grace and Forgiveness...This is the Law of Love and of Light...Humans must realize that they have all come here by contract all are Angels in Disguise...and everyone came to earth for this Grand opportunity...all must wake up and see this has all been just a game, a Dream...of Duality and Seperation....Now ALL of it is be FORGIVEN...Earth is a Planet of Grace..

Our Upcoming roles is that we will Truly demonstrate this Grace and This everyone from a part of this Galaxy can come here and Observe the results...and to realize that the New Model earth affects every part of this Galaxy...This Star...This planet was put in this universe..and this Galaxy..for the purpose of becoming one of the Great showcases...or models...of Light and Of Love... of COMPLETE FORGIVENESS....

By our example many of the Undecided or dark beings will see the actual application of the Creators Force' s Grace and so they too may ascend...they too may enter that timeless Realm of Light...that is truly a Heavenly one...This is what our planet is all about..This is the Great Mission of our Planet and all on her...We are entering into an Age when our Destiny will be fufilled...So... NOW

....The Army of Angels press forward the truth from within....even if they must go one hand to one hand one heart to one heart physically....To be the Examples of True Love in Action....they have been called to Shine the Lights as the Morning stars of a new generation...For they see and have found the divine light within...and are guided gracefully by there hearts of Truth and Love ...they have discovered God within.....and are awakening to their Highest Potentials for the Highest and Best Outcome for Humanity....

A divine plan from eons ago Has Been Fully take humanity into a Level of whole and of One....Heaven is real look inside and one will see its totally free and its true love... Love is simply this...

Love is Real because it is whole...Peace is Real because it is Sound and God is Real because he~she is Eternal...What is not Eternal, Whole, and Sound is simply not Real and has no consequence...The task at hand is to reveal what is Real...Love....and only Love....What has been created whole cannot be percieve perfection as imperfect and to see what is really true as false is only fear and fear is false evidence appearing real..In Truth we are not Our bodies at all but a spirit.....Heaven is Real....Be a part of the solution ....Love oneself and Discover God and then Discover who you truly are....Discover Heaven is within.

Albert Einstein stated "God does not play dice with the Universe"

Mother Gaia

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