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Heightened Awareness Is to Observe the Synchronistic Events Occurring Simultaneously

Heightened Awareness Is to Observe the Synchronistic Events Occurring Simultaneously

Humanity is a Unique Species, this is Why From All Over and Throughout Creation Many have come in to Help.

The Real Lightworkers that Are here on The Planet are a Part of the Best of the Best of The Best, Highly Trained in The Divine Plan and Carrying out the Plan.

WE Are All Here to Help Birth A New Understanding, One Based On True Reality and not lies or illusion. Not Only have We Brought in The Best of The Best of the Best, We Also Have Many More Throughout the Other Dimensions Bringing The Whole Through.

We Have Shared with Humanity that This Truly is a Multi-Dimensional Event. With High Fives All the Way Around the Universe.

~We Are Here to Help Bring all of HUMANITY Through the Veil [The Veil is the fear, where THEY think THEY cannot walk, and Yet THEY Have to walk to Make their Way Through, for The Awakening and The Graduation Of themselves].

All of humanity must let go of their fear to step through, and they also have to understand and be aware of what they are afraid of so that they can let it go.

WE are Of The Light, And We Are Only Love, In the understanding that Energy is Just Energy.

If You are One that is resisting the Energy, Embrace the Energy and then Step through the Veil.

Regardless, all of Humanity is Going through the Veil, One Way or Another, This is The Divine Plan. Resistance is not going to keep Humanity from going through the Veil, it will just make it more difficult.

All of Humanity will have to let go because there is nothing to hang to



Disclosure of Love and Truth Is Happening

Mother Gaia

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