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Humanity's Choice is Now Clear~ Universal Love is Free: BREATHe

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Greetings, Many Blessings, Miracles and Magical Synchronistic Events. Synchronistic Events, only Occur in True Reality and is Your Indicator of "Being Present in the Moment of Now! Its a New Day..... Live it in Love, Live this Enjoy, and Know that Great Transformations, Great Changes are Underway for the Betterment of all of Human Kind. Humanity's Choice is Now clear. They are done with duality...and we are Here to Answer this Prayer in True Equality and Love for ALL. We are not here to save Humanity, for Humanity is now choosing to Save Themselves. Its Now up to all of us Standing in the Light to Guide the Way into the Truth. Out with the old in with the NEW!

Grand Energies began Pouring in through the 111 and now a Series of Events, have already been set in motion to manifest and are in process.


Hu is the same as GOD, which is the same as Lord Gods and Goddesses. Flame~GodSpark is also the same as Hu. You are God and You are a Flame, a Unique GodSpark. Now Hu+Being is the same as Your Soul Housing. The Soul + Experience is a Real Human Being. [So "Hu" is Your Godspark and the man part is God in Manifestation. Hu+man] Through Being Present in the Moment of Now, You have Real Experiences. This is Heaven!! Again Your Soul plus the Experience = a Human Being In Creation, once you are aware of the Experience you are having. The "Hu" is the same as The Eagles. Let US ReHeart you, you are not egos but Eagles of the Royal Kind.


The Whole Truth about Real Life, Real Living, is found Through Feelings that Occur from Experience.

For Example, envision that your Whole Body is made up of Eyes, because Feelings are Pure Sensations of Creation, which is LOVE, and is a Whole Body Experience.

You were Created as "Feeling" Beings, which gave you Real Experiences, so That Creation could also Experience this. How we Experience The Kingdom of Heaven in True Reality, in the Body Hologram, is that of Sensation. A Pure Sensation of Love that is Everywhere Present in all Moments. An Indicator is when your Hair stands up on your Body, this is a Love, Truth sensation of Pure Feelings of Love. We can Describe it to you as a "Christmas Tree" that you Have Just "Lit Up", the Feeling, or Sensation is Electrifying. When Your Body's Vibration Raises at a Very High Level, this is When you Experience The Joy. It is So Wonderful, it is Similar to Floating, a Constant State of Bliss. This is an indicator that you are in the Oneness Energy, Full Consciousness, also Referred to the "Spirit Realm", "True Reality".



Humanity was not designed to know everything at once, the Reason is because they already "know" it, and they already are. We designed Humanity like a moth to a Flame, which is the Oneness energy, the Attraction Factor. Love, or the Oneness energy acts as a Magnet , which continues to add more and More in Grander and Grander Ways. Truth or Oneness energy is a Body Sensation of Pure Love, which is Pure Truth, in which each Soul Housing has the Same Information of Truth.

When the Being allows the Truth of Information of Pure Light, It Lights up your Soul, which also Lights Up your Body! Aha, Love Everywhere Present, because you are in the Present Moment of Now, experiencing FEELINGS. Planet Earth=Heart is an experience, and Creation is an even Grander Experience. How Grand is that? As you experience Feelings, your Telepathic Abilities will expand. Source is the Universal Understanding of Love Unconditional.


Now, as the Cleansing is occurring, you are clearing out your Energy fields that each of you have. All the unconsciousness is being removed, which includes all the separation and attachments to illusion you thought were real while in duality. In Truth, there is no separation in Creation and in The Present Moment of Now, there are no attachments to anything. We are all ONE, there are no "bad" guys, just as there are no "good" guys, We are all of The Light.

So, what is going on, is that as the unconsciousness transforms, you Begin Remembering that You are One with ALL that Is, and this includes Everything. This is Universal Love. This is the beginning of True Equality on Planet Earth= Heart. Everyone on this Planet Will Remember Who They are, Why They Are Here, and That Universal Love and Equality are The Truth. You may ask what a technique would be in releasing the illusion of separation=unconsciousness, which is the essence of what you are releasing, so that You can Rejoin "Home", Oneness With ALL that IS. The answer is so simple, and yet we observe you attempt to make things so complex and difficult. WE tell You Simply, Let Everything Go, only that which is Real and True can Return.


Love is Free, Universal Love is Free. In duality you have had attachments to stuff, like possessions, people, ect. These words You read, are very Multi-dimensional when you look at them Wholistically, as WE Do in Full Consciousness. For instance the statement, "If you Love Something Set it Free". If You Love Yourself, You Set Yourself Free, then You are in The Present Moment of Now, where there exists no attachments to anything and Love is Free to Create.

Once You Love Self, You are in Universal Love, because that is undeniable, since WE are ALL ONE, and ALL Connected. We can Also Look at this Phrase, as Setting your Thoughts Free. When you set them free, Only Love Can Come Back, because Only Love is Real. You continually let these Go, and Love Just Brings Back More to you. Then You Let that Go, and Then More comes Back to you...Do you get this yet? Love is not possessive. If Love is, then it's simply not Love and not Real. Love is Free, you cannot hold onto it, or control it. When you are Present, You are Free for Love to Co+Create With You, through You. "Let it all Go, so More can come to YOU, this is How Love works, When you Love something you set it Free"....

Mother Gaia

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