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Important Message~The Clearing of Chakra's Happening~

“If you are not completely in Love with Everything, this is an indicator that you are still in illusion. If you are Completely in Love with Everything, this means you are In Total Presentness, You are Awake and in True Reality. There is no in between, you are In Love with Everything or nothing.” Ding.... “All the memories and emotions you have stuffed into your body Holograms are energies that cannot go into High Velocity Energy=Higher Thoughts. This is Where Every Human Being is Going Currently, into the Higher Energy Vibrations, So that You Can Meet Your Family!! These are now being released within all of Your Chakras. This will also adjust Mother Earth's Chakras as Well, and She Will Feel Better, Ready or Not.”

Greetings Love Beings We are In Some Very Exiting and for some maybe Uncomfortable Moments of the Ascension Process. WE are In the Process of Releasing all density within our Body Holograms. This is Occurring through the Chakra System [associated with Your Glands], as well as you activating some Chakras that Are Just Now Opening. The total is about 13 major Chakras What is occurring is any emotions or memories you may have stuffed into your systems through any of these Chakras, are Being Removed. It, The density, only acts as dead weight, such as an anchor tying down a boat. So Right Now in Every Human Being on Planet Earth=Heart, these Chakras are Spinning. They may be aware or unaware, which is regardless, it's happening anyway. So, what the Chakras are releasing is all the pain from the 2d, density [and you might feel this pain physically through each gland/ Chakra.] What is Occurring is a Natural Process in Evolution. This is Not a Controllable Experience, it's a Sequence of Natural Events, occurring from the INSIDE, OUT. This is through your DNA Frequency Codes, that are Within Every Soul, its unstoppable and irreversible. The Ascension Process is in Full Force, and no one is in Control, Except For Love. We Suggest Relaxing, and Breathing as Good Tools, Feel the Vibrational Energies Coming, of Love and Pure Atoms of This Love. Through this is Also How you Connect into the Ship's Energy. Take a Moment Right Now, Sit for a Moment, close your eyes, Relax and Breathe in the Atoms of Pure Love Energy, this Will Automatically Connect you with the Ship's Energies. Now, Through this, your Soul is saying and Remembers that Love is the Experience it Really is, and that is all that it is, Love. The Soul wants to Experience more of this Love Feeling, WE did say this was Contagious!! Love IS, Love is Our Natural State, Be Love and Say Love.”

“There is a Pure Consciousness Energy Permeating throughout Everything on and in the Planet. If you are Connected in, You Will Feel it and Experience this.”

The Brick Wall Experience~ Many were led down the path against the Light and Truth by what we call Wolves in sheep's clothing. They will now be Facing up against a Brick wall, as One Path is to the Light and Your True Destiny's and the other....the brick wall experience. The road to nowhere. What have you chosen? Mother Gaia

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