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In Service to Love and Planet Earth=Heart

Everybody on this Planet is Here and Came Fully In tact with a Specific Mission and Contract In Service to Love and Planet Earth=Heart. If You are reading or Listening to this Message You have Now Been Activated to Full Mission in Activation Status. What this means is that, You Are Being called Into Love In Action and will be Moving With US Into The Unified Feild on Planet Earth=Heart for the Co~ Creation of the New Earth=Heart. This is arriving through the Web Of Light Which is Fully Activated on The Planet. We Will Be the Carriers and Bringers of the True Light information, True Communication, with Full Participation. The last of Your egos will be dissolving quickly as the Higher Self Fully Manifests into Physical Form for the New Earth. All First Wavers The GATES Of Heaven Are Wide Open! Its time to come HOME. The Real Beginning Of Love On This Planet has Arrived. We Have LANDED!

Mother Gaia

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