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In The Kingdom of Heaven that is Now Manifesting on Earth, Humanity will be Free

In The Kingdom of Heaven that is Now Manifesting on Earth, Humanity will be Free and Sovereign beings and We will exist as ONE, A Family of One. Creation then becomes a Co~Creation of Cooperation. Together All will Step Forward as the Unique "God Spark" that contributes to the whole, and Creates Grander Energy to Experience with Grander Amounts of joy.

~Love always give Love back to itself....This is Creation.~

The Lights have been turned ON the once darkened stage now, is all Lite up and all the Masters revealed, on Planet Earth=heart. The last "dramas" are being played out that were required within the "Divine Plan" to expose the Truth with Grace and Forgiveness.

Mother Earth is A true Living Breathing Conscious, Entity and in True Reality, is the Real Heaven on Earth and has been called by the Creators of Creation, that she Return to the Love that Created Her, back to the ONE, and she is taking everyone and everything else with her as well. Which is all of Humanity's True Home, Within the Light. The Kingdom of Heaven, is a Pure Consciousness energy, the Ethics Train, a Love Vibration, that is quickly being carried through the Winds contagiously surrounding every living breathing thing on this Planet. Within each Breathe you take, breathe in breathe out, you are breathing in the Divine.

Once you awaken, you then assume your roles within the "Divine Plan" that each of you came into with this Lifetime with, and then together We Will Co~Create Heaven on Earth, living in Peace, Joy, Abundance and Harmony.

Creation has Created all of Humanity out of Love, this is your Natural state. This is Your Birthright, Your Divine Inheritance and all "Own" this Planet. Everything is ours and all Prayers answered, as decreed by the Creators. Its all of US~~

Time has run out like on a sand-glass, turned upside down. Now To be right side UP!

This explains the vertical learning Curve!! Home is where the "Heart is" and is found Within. Love and the creative energy upon this realization, discovers "Love is everywhere Present". Thus propels then this creation energy of Love into the all, assisting the Creations transformation into its Original Love form.

In Service to the Whole Truth on Planet Earth=Heart

Mother Gaia

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