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Its Time, Duality is Ended and Oneness Is Beginning

"All of duality was based on lies, as everyone was running around trying to protect their own ignorance, this is what an id does and what an ego does.”

In the duality experience you had a right and wrong, a bad guy and a good guy. You had different religions that claimed “my god is bigger then your god”. You had competition, survival, and positive/negative experiences. Instead of Feelings, which are the Truth and Real Reality, you had emotions, boundaries, rules with added more rules, regulations, mental constructs/delusions of belief systems, and nice boxes to sit in. You played vicious circles of death and dying, victims and villains, and killing each other for God knows What. Treating each other as enemies instead of Family. Duality was just the darks fantasy to put yourselves against yourselves, and to hide the Truth, that you were just their puppets and they were using that for their own advances. If you killed each other, more for them. You were taught at a very young age to be in competition for Energy, that just by being born, you had already sinned and you were unworthy of anything from the start. So your entire existence for you was based on the need to feel worthy. You did this by attempting to please others, [which was just satisfying others egos and ids, wants needs and desires] .

The difference between the duality experience and that of only Love, is that in duality you operated from a spectrum of emotions called love and fear, which were actually reactions [all egos react]. You were reacting to the external experience, called duality. The True Reality Experience is an Internal Experience based on Feeling the Present Moment of Now, one from the inside out. Love always Responds, and has Responses, not reactions. Reactions we can say are from the past [meaning duality operated from the standpoint of the past, never Present. Present Being the True Reality Experience of Oneness] and the past does not exist in True Reality. Love Always Responds with Love Always=Truth, Real Love is Unconditional=Creation.“

In duality you were on a spectrum of fear and love, which were emotions. You never experienced them at the same time, it was either one or the other along the spectrum. Fear is also doubt, worry, anger, hatred, sadness, confusion, and love was just a fake emotion, because Real Love is always constant, it cannot be sad, love does not even know what that means..It's impossible while in duality, to have the experience of Real Love, because Love is not separated, Love is Whole, with Love being the Only Spectrum of Experience. The Truth is that fear and false love were in the duality experience, this was done through separating the emotions from the mental, creating duality. So in the dream, you could imagine that you were in a state of happiness, and then in the next hour you are in fear, doubt ,or worry. So you might say you have good days and bad days. Again, that is duality, this or that, not just One, which is the Oneness Experience. You are moving out of duality experience, Where Everyday is a GOOD DAY, AND LOVE IS ALIVE! “Out of the Duality Experience Everyday is a Good Day, Every Moment is One Of Joy, Trust, Truth, and Unconditional Love. You are Transforming into Spirit, Which is a Unified Balanced Being of Perfect Harmonics in Creation. The Oneness Experience of Love forever After, Eternally, This is The Love Called God Everywhere Present.”

Duality was just the dream, an illusion of separation and isolation. This was what you have been in for your entire Current lifetime and the past 13 millenia, just a dream experience. You can see how deeply ingrained most are from being enslaved in this fantasy, by how resistant most are to The Real Truth. Now, Love is Here, and Love changes Everything. Love has Decreed dream is over. Let's Play again in Unity and Oneness, Equality. Love is The Truth of Who we all Are Together, this is The True Reality. In True Reality, Love, there is no right or wrong, no good guy, bad guy. No one is in competition, or better than anyone else. Love is all there is, equally so. There are no victims or villains, there is absolutely no duality experience in True Reality, All is One Love. The only Experience is One of The Love Called God Everywhere Present, in Every Moment. Once you Embrace you and Your Life, you will Truly Understand How Brilliant the Truth is We share with you

Mother Gaia

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