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Let Your Light Shine, Its TIME

Greetings, Many Blessings, Miracles, Many Moments of Gratitude, and Magical Synchronistic Events. We are here again to Share with you more information about illusion and the internal dialogue many of you have, that you think is Real. Because you think the illusion is real, many of you find yourselves in states of confusion, or the dog chasing its tail syndrome. WE Need to Get you Back to the Original First Thought, and that is Just Being Present, BEING. The internal dialogue was in the old paradigm, or program, given to you by the Illuminati. When you clear all of this, then your True Light Can Shine, and You can Be the Light Being You Truly are. We are going to clear up your fantasies about what a Light Being is, as there are many fantasies out there. You think of your word Light and some of you refer to it as a Light Bulb, that Shines Light, When Actually it's a Love Thought. Light is Just Energy, and when we heal the illusion, we clear our Energy fields that Each one of us has. Then We can Shine our Light, Meaning Be the Love We Truly are. Love in Action. We have shared when WE Shine our Lights, this Opens the door for others to also shine their Light. Just Envision, what it will be Like once Everyone on the Planet is Being the Love they are, being the God They Truly are. This is Going to Occur on the Planet and that is a Promise. Mother Earth's Destiny is Within the Light, as She Really is a Star Ship, and just Like all Her Inhabitants, it's Time For Her to Light UP, SO to Speak. The game of illusion is over. Love is Relentless, Persistent, and Constant. Love is the No Matter What, This is the New Paradigm Way, this ends the nonsense of illusion. Truth, Love and Light are the only way. The Earth Allies Have this For Humanity, To Be the Examples and Experience of Unconditional Love!! We will get it through To wake up the Family [and We are all One Family on this Planet] from illusion, to end the pain and suffering. This same Attitude all of you can Adopt as Well, and that is To Just Be the Love you are. Be the Example of Love, Shine Your Light=Truth=Love. One of the Major opportunities for many of you, is that you think you are your thoughts. This is also called the internal dialogue. You think your thoughts are real. The Only Thought that is Real is the First Original Thought, and That is Love. Love is your Natural State of Existence, there is nothing else. The internal dialogue prevents you from being Present. Where does the internal dialogue come from? It comes from the collective unconsciousness=illusion=lower astral. They are all thoughts of duality, that are illusion, and do not exist. Any thought that Does Not Serve Self and The Greater Good of the ALL is from the collective unconsciousness and that's the illusion. The Only Real Thoughts Occur In Being Present, Then You are In Love, You Serve Love, and The First Original Thought of Love is Everywhere Present, For Love is all That Exists. So, the Only thought that Ever Occurs is More Love Everywhere Present. This is accomplished by Just “Being” Present in the Moment of Now=Creation. “We are More than 500% Sure and completely Positive that Everyone on this Planet WILL AWAKEN. The only difference for each of you, is your Experience, as You Awaken. Why are We so sure? Because Everyone on this Planet is a Light and Love Being, in the No Matter What, and they will have to get over that. Some may appear to be wearing different hats, but The Deeper Understanding here is that Everyone on Planet Earth=Heart has a Soul, as Each Being has a Heart. Now, This is The Truth. All of duality occurred in illusion, it's not Real, and bears no consequence, once Revealed and Healed. The Soul is The Light, Love, and Brilliance Inside Each Being on Mother Earth. The Original Thought of Love Only, is Within Each Soul, and Love is all That Exists on Planet Earth=Heart, The Love Called God Everywhere Present. Right Now, you can look at the external/outside “world” [the world is illusion, The Planet is Real] and see the chaos, the confusion, and the insanity that is going on in the world [the Planet is Serene]. Now, if WE can Take You Deeper into the understanding, all of that is illusion, and is not real. For example, when you hear about all the shootings, and killings, these ones all end up on the Star Ships, and are debriefed. All that you see in illusion are projections, like a movie screen. Its just like a movie, and movies end. True Reality is never ending, and ALL is Love, Forever and Eternal. You can picture illusion like a holographic projection, similar to the movie The Matrix. It may look and appear to be real, but a movie or a game is not real, and this is just like what has been going on in illusion. The Only Real is That which is Based On Love. Love only Exists In The Present Moment of Now, it's not a projection, because the Present Moment of Now is Always BRAND NEW, DIFFERENT, never the same. It's in illusion that you strive to be the same as each other, instead of Like each other. Like each other, Would be Expressing Your Love and Uniqueness as The Whole. Illusion is not based on Love, WE are Sure Each of You Reading can See that for Sure. Illusion is only based on fantasies and lies. As we have Shared, this is what Has to Be cleaned Up, the illusionary movie that you thought was real, as this has Been Decreed in the No Matter What and SO it is and So Shall Be Done.

Mother Gaia

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