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Marriage: The True Union Of The Twin Flame Heart

Marriage: The True Union Of The Twin Flame Heart

What’s the first thought when we see or hear the word marriage? To most it’s a big white wedding between a man & a woman where we repeat words in front of a minister who hands us a slip of paper. So what if I were to say that the slip of paper & those words are meaningless unless you’ve experience a true marriage?

The Divine Marriage Union of Spirit that gives & unites us to our true self, this is a true marriage. It is the union of the masculine & feminine aspects of ourselves. A passages into the Bridal Chamber of the Male & female Energies that are within us. A sacred union with our spirit that brings us into balance. This union with self is one to honour, cherish and truly commit to with all you are in all moments.

Any relationship or marriage will eventually fall apart unless the Twin Flame energies are brought into balance within both partners. The loss of any relationship or marriage is not a moment to wallow in sorrow. We have been given a gift, an opportunity to reconnect within ourselves to who we truly are! As we release our attachments to everyone & everything in our lives, we set ourselves free to journey deep within the self. The true joy of self-exploration, a connection occurs within the Twin Flame Heart. As we radiate Love & bring ourselves into balance, we attract to us those of similar vibrations.

Twin Flame relationships are built upon our oneness & equality. To manifest it physically we must first be one with our energy. We all have one true partner, yet are we willing to truly let go of all illusion? Sometimes we must even let go of our Twin Flames in order to break any attachments to them. The illusion is of the separation, Twin Flames are One, their Connection Eternal, time & space have no meaning. Once One, Always One!

Mother Gaia

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