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More about the Brain, and the Real Truth about the Right side of your brain

More about the Brain, and the Real Truth about the Right side of your brain, which is your Higher Self, and the left brain which is your lower self. The reconnection of the Right Brain and the Left Brain, which connects the lower self to the Higher Self Creates a Unibrain, Oneself.

So the Right Brain= Higher Self= Universal Self=Eternal Self= Multi-Dimensional Self= the Wholistic attribute, Connected into Love.

Left Brain=lower self= individual Uniqueness of Oneness in the Present Moment being Experienced and Expressed.

The right brain represents Eternity, the left brain represents the Moment. Uniting these 2 together, is Creation experienced and expressed Eternally, this is Super Consciousness= the UNIBRAIN=Always in the NOW=Eternally in the Moment.

Currently, these 2 sides of your Brain that were disconnected are fusing Back together. The illusion stems from the separation of these 2 sides of the brain. When these are disconnected, the right from the left, an enormous gap is created and the distance was filled with illusion.

When disconnected The lower self, your True Uniqueness, becomes the illusion of uniqueness, the ego/mind. Let us re-heart you that the ego/mind was imposed upon you, while your True Uniqueness was already Inherent to your Being. The Left side of the Brain is where the damage has occurred, while your right brain has always been untouched, because it is always connected into the Divine.

Your current illusionary Society is falling apart, and will completely dissolve, because it is based upon a lie of isolation and separation.

Remember, in Love there is no wrong, because Love is always supporting in the Highest Ways. True Enlightenment is the Unconditional willingness to learn, and those who are in True Enlightenment, are Embracing this Growth and Change.

The spiritual egos repainted the old paradigm to make it look different, this is a lie and will also crumble for those that attempted to do this, because spiritual ego is still in competition.

Cooperation is Love. Competition with Creation is not a game anyone could ever possibly win.

How can you tell the difference between one of the dark and one of the Light, which is the same as Divine Intelligence? You can recognize the Light by Laughter, darkness has no clue what Laughter is, or intelligence. Laughter is the Light, the More Laughter, the More Divine Intelligence expressed. When you are in the Light you view everything as Amusing and Full of Endless Laughter=Joy=Kingdom of Heaven=True Reality. Laughter and Divine Comedy are what's Real, if this doesn't tickle your insides, you're still asleep.

Lastly, we would like to give you an example of How in the Oneness Energy [The Kingdom Of Heaven], unconsciousness cannot exist. If a Being Enters this Energy and cannot face their illusions=unconsciousness, the energy automatically pushes them out. This Energy is For The High Velocity Experience of Full Consciousness, no darkness can exist here.

Mother Gaia

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