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Now Release everything you have ever been taught or told

~Now Release everything you have ever been taught or told, even right up to this Very Moment. Whatever, you release and let go of, the only thing that remains is what is Real, and only Truth which is the Only Real, can Remain when all else falls away, nothing else matters or is relevant.

Only Truth can stand Tall when everything else dissolves. Out of the nothingness of illusion, will arise something way Grander, which is a New Paradigm, and a Firm Foundation has been Built on only Love and Truth, because this is the only REAL, this is the True Reality, and this is Heaven Manifested on Planet Earth=Heart.~

If you can get to the Understanding, Right Now, Today, that We are all Going Home into the Light, you will experience this as Truth, a Euphoric Feeling that YES, this is TRUE. This is the Highest Truth. JOY

The Moment has come to Breakdown and Breakthrough the illusions, and then step into the Very Center of Your Being. There you will Discover the Fire of Love burning inside, like a Brightly Lit Candle.

Once you connect to your inner soul, which is in Truth Who you Really are, Your True Being, you are Free, and never again are you alone. Once this connection is made, you are connected to the ONE, where you discover We are ALL there With you, and you reconnect to Source=God Nature, which is the Absolute Truth of Who You Really are. You then step into the Flow of ONE.

Inside of you is the Brightest Light, Brighter then the Center of the Sun. ALLOW this to shine, and when you do, reach out your hands to your Brothers and Sisters, which then Completes the Circuit.

Mother Gaia

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