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Once you Love yourself, the Door Opens and You are OUT OF THE BOX

Once you Love yourself, the Door Opens and You are OUT OF THE BOX and connected to this Grid. An ego/mind cannot understand what Real Love is, so it cannot step out of the box, Only The Real Being Can. The Energy of Love is the Strongest, and comes from within.... Love thyself, translates into Love Everywhere Present. Then you have walked into "the Kingdom of Heaven". You do not have to Die a Thousand more times to Choose the experience of Eternity!!! Its Here and its NOW!

Now In these New earth Energies The Path each must begin walking is the one OUT OF THE DARKNESS from fear/ or old program~ and into ONLY LOVE. The New Grid Surrounding this Planet contains the Law of One, Divine Intelligence, which means the Law of ONLY Love. Only Love within Unity and Equality can be the TRUE Creation and the only REAL LAW THAT TRULY EXISTS. In this Grid, is where the New Earth is Manifesting.

WE ARE IN FULL SPEED EVOLUTION AND ALL, which includes 8.0 Billion + Beings Here, ARE WALKING, it just depends on if they are awake or asleep to what is occurring right now.

As Everyone travels this Path they will reach the Void, this is the space between 3d and 5d. Its the rainbow Bridge from old Earth to The Heaven on Earth. Which is Real Reality. The Rainbow bridge has been completely completed for All of Humanity as of December 12, 2012 and IS NOW OPENED and Will Remain Open.

Walking through the void is similar to the experience of "death" as it is now, however, that death was just a program dictating how it was suppose to be, sucking the Life Force Energy out of Beings, the box, giving you a box when you were born and when you died a physical death. In Truth there is really are no boxes just all your fantasies inside of it from the left brains distortions and disconnection from the Right Brain of Divine Connection to Source. As you walk the path out of the fear, pain, and suffering....out of the box, you come to the zero point OR THE VOID!

So, those of you Now walking through in the void, Keep walking. The Void is just the middle between this fear and Love, out of ego into Spirit, or as also known as the "LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL, THE BRIDGE OUT OF HELL[ THE PROGRAM OF AN EGO MIND] AND INTO ETERNITY",

For those in the void, The Next step out of the Void is into the ONE, BACK INTO ETERNITY! Only one Path Leads Home INTO ETERNITY and thats the Light, LOVE, JOY and TRUTH! Within this light of Heaven On Earth is only Brilliance, THE LOVE AND TRUTH OF WHO YOU ARE=US, and WE ARE ALL ONE. To walk across the bridge all you have to Choose to BE is Love and say "I CHOOSE LOVE IN EVERY MOMENT" . Choosing Love In every moment, this is your Guide and your Key into the "KINGDOM OF HEAVEN WHICH IS YOURS, BY DIVINE BIRTHRIGHT, WHERE LOVE IS THE ONLY LAW, AND WE ARE ALL EQUAL WITHIN IT!"

So, as we step out of the box onto The New Grid, this is when we except Eternity as our Home. Death will no longer exist! We Change into our Crystal Forms as we are being Present within the experience...and Co~Create Heaven ON EARTH! This is the Divine Plan IN Full Activation. Then we say Welcome Home Earthlings into Eternity and to "The Kingdom of Heaven" all your Angels will happily take your masks at the door, as you choose the Love that you are! And Except Eternity as Your HOME! Say Goodbye to the ego mind program that hid everyone from the Love and Brilliance everyone Truly is on This Planet. Times Up for All ego's.

Earth is Your Home we encourage all to wake up into this Reality and Accept Responsibility as a Love Being, as the Transformation takes place regardless!

Welcome to The Real Evolution its a 90 degree Vertical Learning curve UP!!! With a Paradigm shift and a Quantum Leap Forward wrapped up into ONE! We are transforming back into "Spirit " So Lets Celebrate Mother Earth's Return HOME and YOURS!

We were all Invited Here to Celebrate the Awakening on Planet Earth=Heart, The Awakening of Mother Earth into the Garden of Eden.

Mother Gaia

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