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Greetings, Many, Many, Many, Miracles, Blessings, and Magical Synchronostic Events~Follow the Signs, as they Guide you along the Path back into The Light. Each of you Have your Own Unique Path to walk Home. Listen to The Beautiful Music of Creation, calling You Home, Through Words of Truth. Listen to the Love from within your Heart, Your Heart Understands the Path Home~~Follow Your Heart, Your Heart is incapable of lying to you, and through Your Heart, you are Connected to your Soul. This is the Connection to your Higher Self, which is in The Present Moment of Now ALWAYS, ALL THAT EXISTS IN THE PRESENT MOMENT IS LOVE.


We would Like to ReHeart you, You were not Created by the annunaki, nor the grays [although we all have a bloodline to them, as they came to help, the greys have no souls, and are just thought forms, that do not exist anymore], nor were you created by the draconians, and definitely not created by the Illuminati. You were Created in Love, and You are Love, with Souls. Since you all have Souls, this means you are connected into Source. Creation is Resource, because WE are the Experience of Source plus Being which Equals Creation, Unconditional Love, and One With all That is. All of you, All of Humanity, in Truth are all ROYAL ANGELS. If you would like a part of your Real name your Last name is RA, which stands for Royal Angel. You are Great and Powerful Beings of Pure Light and Brilliance. In order for you to be Here on Planet Earth=Heart, the Requirement was that you had to have a SOUL, ONLY ROYAL ANGELS HAVE SOULS CHILDREN!!! What does this make you? ROYAL ANGELS? This is the only answer. If you have a beating Heart, you indeed have a Soul.

Mother Gaia

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