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The Key to Awaken is to Fall in Love with Self

The Key to Awaken is to Fall in Love with Self, once this Occurs, Love takes Over, and then The Lights Come on as You Understand What Love Really is. Love is you and Everything. Then you Realize the Connection to all that is. When you fall in Love with Self, the Experience is an Awakening from Within your Soul. Once this Connection is Made, You Can Then Hear LOVE SPEAKING TO YOU, Calling YOU, then Your Path and Journey Home Begins.

~If you can right NOW, get to the Understanding all is JUST Energy, you will move directly into Transforming the emotional and mental [duality] into Unified Passion to Experience your Natural State of Feelings~ its really this simple~


~Love is the Most Powerful Energy on this Planet, Love is Unstoppable, and irreversible~

~All you have to understand is that you are a BEing of Love. Simple~

Mother Gaia

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