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The Liberation and Freedom of the Soul is your road to full consciousness. This is a quantum leap forward, a paradigm shift and a vertical learning curve all at once, from out of illusion and into True Reality.

We are those who have walked before you and are in Full Consciousness. We are living inside out in Freedom And Love, and we come to you to share some very grand understandings. So you too, may Free yourselves into Eternal Joy.

Fully Conscious beings can see Truth from fiction=illusion. When you choose the lie (all illusion and ignorance is a lie, because it promotes ignorance and isolation), the choice stems from choosing illusion. Illusion+=fear also equal to unconsciousness. As this choice is made the more isolated and separated you feel. To transform this into consciousness you first have to be aware of the illusion=fear. Awareness transforms into Consciousness=Spirit. The more you are aware of the unconsciousness aka lower thoughts, you can easily transform these thoughts into Real thoughts=Full Consciousness, that are only of Joy and Love.

In Reality=Full consciousness, All is Love, all is of One Polarity. Neither positive nor negative. It is all One and in True Reality there is only one way of existing, living and Being. The only way is being Present within One's Self.

Being Present within One's Self, Loving thyself first is not ego, for the Being is always Love and when you're Present in the NOW, you recognize the God Within, that is Love Everywhere Present. This is Being and experiencing yourself as One with Creation. This is Being Present within the experience, that is always Now. When your current reality appears complicated, stuck, confusing or chaotic, this is illusion attempting to grasp and hold on to the Natural experience of evolution that is unfolding inside of you.


Constant letting go, choosing Love over fear and living within total trust, is key to catching the wave of Creation, that is energetically is sweeping across this Planet. This comes first from the knowing and understanding of thyself. Loving self first opens the doors to all doors.

Due to the heavy conditioning and programming that has taken place on this Planet, the fear of the Truth about who You really are, and Truly How Much More Powerful you are, then any illusion is playing a factor in Humanity's True Awakenening. This is why getting The True Information to as Much of the Planet as Possible is Key. Those who would like to keep Humanity in the dark, would like to see the internet laws of course. The internet has become a very effective tool for the Light, for the Love that is Permeating the Planet. They cannot stop us, no matter how hard they try. We will Say again that Love is unstoppable. No matter what it looks like, Love is in constant motion for the highest good for Everyone on the Planet.

Fear of living inside out, stems again, from illusion and fear. Fear of the experience of Being Present, because it is unknown, as well as the fear of the inner and outer becoming One, which in True Reality, is your True Awakening.

EVERYONE IS becoming One from within, that is One with Everything and this is through the evolution process well underway.

An indicator of evolution and liberation within One's Soul is where One observes the falling away of the old (which must occur within) and then the grounding of the New. The Grounding of the New is your direct connection to Mother Earth=Heart.


This is the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth=Heart, AND NOW is when Equality is born for all. True Evolution is unfolding on Planet Earth=Heart. We have come to welcome Humanity Home, on a living, sentient being, called Planet Earth. This is not the world, the world is just an illusion.

The construct of the shadows on the wall.

The Divine Plan is unfolding before you, whether you are Present or not, Love is Present, which equals the Highest Outcome, for the Highest Good of the All=1=1. Only when you can embrace Yourself Unconditionally, Loving yourself Unconditionally, will you see Reality for what it truly is and be Free and out of illusion. If you do have conditions you are in fear, wanting to control reality, this creates an imbalance in your brain, fantasy.

Reality and Love cannot be controlled, Love is Creation. A natural flow of Energy that cannot be manipulated.

~Message to Humanity~

The Final Test is The Recognition that You, and All of Humanity, Are One with ALL that Is, All that is Love~ Once You Can Accept You as The Love You Are, this Means You Accept the Truth of your Being. Then You Graduate, To Enter Heaven on Earth. Are You Ready?

Mother Gaia

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