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The New Earth is in Manifestation, with A Foundation of Unconditional Love

The New Earth is in Manifestation, with A Foundation of Unconditional Love, the Only Law that Exists, can exist, Will exist, and has Ever Existed. The Highest Vibrational Thought of Love Everywhere Present is the Perfect Balanced Harmonic Chord Within Creation. Each and Every Being has their own Note within this. This Note is Being Sounded Within all of Humanity's Dna Structures. The Experience From this Moment On for those that have let go into Love Is, Joy, Laughter, Peace, Cooperation, Synchronistic Magical Events, Love, Oneness, Community, Family, and Eternity.

Love is the Thought that Keeps on Giving... Over and Over Again. Once You Awaken into the Love you are, You become Spirit, an Eternal Being. Love Begins to Flow through you as a Conduit of Perfect Balanced Harmonics. This Occurs in Every Moment as an Expression of Love. This is a Perfect Relaxed State of Being, it's a constant state of Love, and in sync with all the Energy Around You.

Every Moment is as a Surprise, Like Opening a Present, Every Moment that You are In the NOW, Love is Right there with you. This is Joy, Joy is How Love Expresses Love through You. This is the same as Heaven Consciousness.

In Spirit All becomes Effortless. When You Experience Effortlessness this is an indicator you are in Spirit=The Present Moment of NOW=Eternity=Your Connection to the All=The ONE.

From this Moment On, Each Of You are Returning to the ONE. Humanity is Taking a Quantum Leap forward in Consciousness, Home into The Light, and The Truth.

The Highest Truths on The Planet Are Being Shared with You This Moment. How Are You Going To Respond? With Joy? Happiness? With Excitement? With Oh My God Events Occurring and Miracles, that are so unbelievable, you never would have thought?

What is Arriving Are Events In Preparation For The Graduation of Humanity. This Is The Moment You All Hold Hands and Walk Out of the darkness forever... and Into The Light. AS Our Dear Friend told Us Many Moments, "It'll Happen". It's Truly Already Here, Each of You Just Have To Realize the Truth, That You Are Free. Each of You Must walk through the Veil, and Open the door into Eternal Life, for this is When You Enter Spirit. DING!!!!

Mother Gaia

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