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The Quantum financial system - QFS

The QFS operates on the abundance grid, an energetic grid upon the Planet that can only be accessed through frequency. The frequency of the QFS is sovereignty, which ensures that is cannot be hijacked by any person, group, or technology. Only a human being embodying the energies of sovereignty=love, truth, abundance, + Higher Self, will even have access to this system.

Frequency is the key that unlocks the door to entering the QFS. Those who do not hold the key cannot enter. The second step is anchoring into this grid through our embodiment of Higher Self. This is achieved through connection to the true prime source creator, the Divine Mother who is the true NESARA, as she holds the unlimited abundance of the Universe. Through our connection, self-love, discipline + discernment, we anchor in our full unique blueprint or essence which essentially creates our personal, unique currency which we use to exchange on the QFS.

Next, we provide Equal Energy Exchange through the QFS using our personal currency (blueprint) through our service to Humanity and to love. When we are in service to the whole, we are surrendered to Divine Will, and we hold pure intentions for our manifestation requests which have no EGO, distortions, co-dependencies or wants/needs/desires. We then may freely place our requests and intentions out into the QFS.

The grid will then respond to our intent by exchanging back to us equal to what we have exchanged with it. Meaning, the higher the levels of service and pure intent, the greater the exchange rate, so to speak. The QFS is divinely intelligent so it will only respond to pure intent and will also deliver to us what we are seeking, but in the way that it is highest and best to receive it.

For instance, the QFS may exchange to me abundance, miracles, synchronistic events, opportunities, or manifestations of people, places or things that can best meet the needs of my intent. We shall always be provided with exactly what we need in that moment, and the QFS can bypass all linear and logical ways of manifestation.

Lastly, the QFS is self-correcting, meaning that it evaluates not only the intent and frequency of each sovereign user, but it also gauges the integrity of the user. For example, if a being has established the proper frequency, established their unique currency through embodiment, and exchanged a pure intent, BUT upon receiving the exchange from the grid, falls out of integrity with the original intent of the request or falls out of alignment with Universal Law, the manifestation will then be withdrawn.

This is not to say anyone will be “punished” or anything of the sort, but it will be a learning process for all of Humanity! As we are, for the first time, learning divine accountability and integrity with all of our intentions, manifestations, and creations. We will likely have trial and errors with this process but will be given much grace and patience with it as well.

As we reclaim our sovereignty I feel we are also being given the codes to access our TRUE abundance, which is ourselves, our hearts, our Humanity, our unity and our connection to Source. Humanity is the QFS and Co-Creation with God is our birthright. Regardless of the external transition of the monetary system, I feel we can energetically begin to activate, align, and anchor into the New Abundance Grid 🙏🏼

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