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The winds of change are among us as the ushering of an Age begins a new life , a new story

The ocean waves come crashing in against the smooth white sand as energies of renewed life and a Pure energy of Love come pouring into the rocks and lands, WE are separate no more, home at last!!!

....The charade is over as we take off our masks, and Look around at the Family, we Had played with for so long in duality..We Hug and Remember the Truth, that we are God and Co~Creators and we are ALL created from Love, and We are All Equal. The winds of change are among us as the ushering of an Age begins a new life , a new story, and mother earth renews her lands. ....We now look ahead above the horizon and see our Beautiful Sun... shining ever so brightly on our newly painted trees and sands...we feel the breeze of freedom gently dissolving the ego's last stand, So that we can begin again With only Love within, as the True Leader, of this Emerald Planet made of Love . The Awakened Human Angels have made surrender a choice ALL souls have been seeking to remember since time began in separation.. Surrendering, Now we had to for the Ultimate Divine plan, where we Become all One for the Highest good and best outcome for all, and to usher into the Earth Un~Conditional Pure Love, the Energy of The Real Name and the Truth of our Existence... Our Hearts Now see the vision of the Golden age with it the same Joy and Freedom..where Heaven and Earth collide... and WE become one of Joyous Love, For this is The very truth and core, we are ONE of the same... Human Angels are reaching for others declaring they have made it to the land of the Free and are well prepared to Guide all out of misery, Take our Hand , the Path has been walked and now shown for all who have eyes to see and ears to hear, The Truth of The Heart is calling, this is why we all Came, To witness the Return of Light, and Humanity Free at Last!!! ....WE have Stepped away from the illusion that fear is something Real and have successfuly dissolved the ego that was keeping All from Being Free to Feel... Now to recognize Un~Conditional Love is finally here...Here to uncover the truth of one's being....not of human thinking for we are ready for spiritual living and being... Look for these Angels as they appear, before you "feeding the people, the freedom of Light, which is Information. .. sharing with others about Love, Truth, must allow and feel..The Human Angels are awake and now are walking among these lands fulfilling the missions and contracts to bring Love back into the Hearts of all man. ...and Welcome all into the Paradise, the Garden of Eden, in which was once only a dream now truly manifested and waiting for all Hearts to Awaken for it to be seen..Can you Now remember why we all came? The Human Angels have broken free from the bonds of their thoughts, to the UnLimiting Potential of Love forever after, to show the way into Heaven With Bliss, By Being Love in Simple Service to laugh, to play, and simply just BE. One must surrender and understand this is real..for when you awaken you will see us there....Love in Action, The Highest Possibility of Thought ever manifested.. .Because Love has Been requested, a Sacred prayer now is Answered. Life without worry, doubt or fear...for we, The Human Angels are guided gently by a Divine Plan..we heard the Clarion call, we answered and are well prepared.... We have been called into action...Look for us We are here.... The Golden gate is now opening for all who desire to go... follow your Heart and inner compass...see the treasures, miracles and gifts for The Divine Human Angels have awakened to shine a light for the path which once was dark and has now been lightened... . We have taken our places on a new stage of Creation.... We were once the meek and all said disillusioned. ...and Now WE have spread our wings and are singing with our beautiful Voices, The Liberty Bell is ringing, The Truth is Stepping Forward..... to lift the Planet up above into a land of Unification from within the connection, Of One....The Moment is Finally Here... Heaven a land of Freedom, Love, and Living our Truest Passion... We have bravely traveled out of the depths of illusion.... .and Couragously stand as Lighthouses, Divine human Angels, We stand as the Light of Attraction, the Focus of One Love, Brilliant in all its facets, as the Atoms Gather together, remembering Divinity.... The Divine Plan is Unfolding with Love being the Only Answer, it is Now Love In Action. With Your Parents of Creation here in the Physical Manifest, Cheering You on.

The Truth Will Set you Free, Royal Angels, Wake up, your Brothers and Sisters! The Moment Has Come~

Mother Gaia

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