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Universal Codes that are held in your DNA

Greetings Love Beings, Many Blessings, Miracles, and Magical Synchronistic Events.

Inside each of you is the same information we are sharing and We are here to assist you in Remembering, WHO YOU TRULY ARE, so that You can lift yourselves out of the program, what some refer to as duality, and into the Higher Realms, which are ALL HIGHER THOUGHTS OF ONLY LOVE, LAUGHTER AND JOY!~

We share with you, Through each Message, Universal Codes that are held in your DNA that WE Placed there for Humanity's Awakening. This is meant to assist you in your process as you allow, accept, and embrace the Gifts of Love. We placed all of the codes within the Body Hologram ourselves as to ensure that no one or nothing could mess with them is any way. THIS IS HOW WE KNOW THE CODES, WE PLACED THERE THERE.

Through our messages, are activations for these DNA codes within you, so that you can tap into the Universal Understandings, and then Remember, that You are Love Everywhere Present and So is Everything else. This Reconnects you into the Grid, Higher Self. We are Going to discuss today what is about to Occur, as Love Everywhere Present, The Love Called God Everywhere Present, has been Decreed and what this means, as Love Transforms from the inside, out. A MASS AWAKENING IS NOW TAKING PLACE AS MANY WILL BE ENTERING INTO THE HIGHER REALMS. WE HAVE NOW REACHED THE TIPPING POINT WHERE LOVE IS NOW BURSTING FORTH INTO THE PHYSICAL REALM AT AN UNSTOPPABLE VELOCITY.

Vibrational Frequency~ A single Vibrating motion, rapidly moving into Higher and Higher Frequencies. Example~ You are made up of Atoms, which carry a Vibrational Frequency in Creation, the Ocean of Love. AS EACH OF YOU AWAKEN YOU ENTER INTO THIS VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY WHERE ONLY LOVE OCCURS IN EVERY OUTCOME

Mother Gaia

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