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valuable information for your True Awakening

~This is a part of a New Series of Messages that will be delivered to you. These contain valuable information for your True Awakening. We have found that many skipped, ignored, and looked over a lot of information that is Key to The Awakening~ So we will bring these forward~


FEELINGS are what the Being Uses, to Experience True Reality as well as to transform the unconsciousness into Pure consciousness=Spirit. Feelings= the Sensitivity of the Energy of Pure Consciousness, which is the same as SOURCE.

Feelings are Your Direct Connection to ALL LOVE IS, and The Reconnection to the ONE Consciousness, With all That is. Which is Everything in Creation.


Awakening from out of the Dream is the being's Process of returning to the Highest Possible Understandings of Love=SELF Awakened.

Love is all the Energy Expressed Completely= Within the Present Moment of Now, in Which it is ALWAYS NOW, because the past and future do not exist. Only The Present Moment of Now Exists, which is the ~ ME of Moment Eternity~

Hu=GOD, Man= Manifestation, "Hu-man." In Truth you are God in Manifestation.

Currently you are in Transformation back into the "HU", that you forgot that you are, which is GOD. This is the Awakening out of the Dream and Accessing ALL the Love You are= ALL LOVE IS.

In True Reality [out of illusion], you are a Human Being, which Means you are a Being of God in Manifestation on Planet Earth=Heart.

Each of you are in Truth also "Starship" Children, and the Consciousness you are, Through FEELING all that is Real=Love, is Present Awareness, this is Awakening into Your Internal Being, God=HU=YOU!!!

Multi~Dimensional Thought is the Highest Possible Understanding of Love= Energy, that is Everywhere Present. WE are here to give you, REHEART YOU, of the Basic Understandings of the same Information through FEELING=Telepathy that all the StarShip Children receive in their Kindergarten.

Before you came into the dream machine, all of you too, understood all the information we share with you. You have just Forgotten and our Responsibility is to assist you in remembering all of this.

In True Love, Equality is the Highest Universal "Thought" Everywhere Present which Benefits the ALL. Within this Understanding of True Love and True Equality, you receive your Divine Inheritance= Direct Connection to Source, Realigned into the TRUTH of Your Equality, Multi-Dimensionally.

Love=Oneness, Love=Spirit, Spirit=Energy, Energy=Pure Consciousness, Pure Consciousness= The Truth of Who you Really are, which is Your Higher Self, Your Real Self, Your True Self, Yourself that is One with Everything, Your Future Self= Your One and Only Self.

WE term the Future Self as Who you are Awakening into. What We have Accomplished, is that We have Reconnected to Our Higher~Future Selves Already, and have brought them Here in the NOW, with that understanding to be shared with you, until you can make the reconnection to Your Real Selves, your Higher Selves, Future selves, that Become your Present Self.

This is not your fantasy or illusionary self, but Your True Selves. Once you can make this Re~Connection, then you will be able to receive the Information Directly as we receive it. You will know when this occurs, and you will completely understand when it does.

We say "Welcome to Your Awakening".

~Love is the Most Powerful Energy on this Planet, Love is Unstoppable, and irreversible~

~All you have to understand is that you are a BEing of Love. Simple~

Mother Gaia

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