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WE are Bringing Back some Definitions to Assist You in The Higher Vibrational Frequencies

WE are Bringing Back some Definitions to Assist You in The Higher Vibrational Frequencies, which are Higher Understandings of Love and Truth. The More You Understand the Truth, the Higher Truth Takes you in Vibrational Frequencies, because this is How it works.

Persevere- To Persist in, Remain Constant in Purpose in the Face of all Obstacles. Example- We, Of the Galactic Federation of Light, “The Company of Heaven”, Including all Lightworkers working in Service To Love, will Persevere On Planet Earth=Heart, Guaranteed. A New Earth Will arrive from out of the ashes of the old systems.

Dedicated- To commit oneself to a particular course of Right Action. Example- We, Your Family of Light, are Dedicated to Planet Earth=Heart's Awakening into Love Everywhere Present.

Let Go- To grant Permission, To Allow, To Free from Confinement, To Allow to participate. Example- By letting go of the old paradigm, the programmed ego mind, You set Yourself Free to Be the Love you Truly Are. It's Simple, Let Go!

Compassion- The deep Feeling of sharing the understanding of suffering, and to Then give aid and Support, to Show Mercy. Example- We Have Deep Compassion for those still inside of the program, still being controlled and still within fantasy. We also have Ruthless Compassion in the face of ignorance, which We Address Directly.

Surrender- To release possession or control, to give up or give back. Example- By Surrendering to Love and Letting Go of all outside attachments, You Become CREATION, and step into the River of ONE. This is when the Magic of Creation Occurs.

Persist- To be repetitious, insistent, or tenacious. To Hold Firmly and Steadfast in Purpose, Despite all obstacles or setbacks. To continue in Existence. Example- Love will Persist within your Hearts until you Open yourselves to LOVE.

Persistent- Refusing to Give up, enduring, retained permanently. Example- Love and Light are Persistent and Alive on Planet Earth=Heart.

Illusion- An error in Perception of True Reality, a delusion, the state of being deceived. Example- You have been in illusion for over 13 Milena. Your Awakening is out of illusion and into True Reality! Where the Magic of Creation can Occur.

Mother Gaia

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