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Whatever does not Serve the All for the Greatest Good of the ALL, will cease to exist

Whatever does not Serve the All for the Greatest Good of the ALL, will cease to exist. This is a Divine Decree, and SO it is and So shall be on Earth as it is in Heaven. All Decreed and Granted.

he only ones that will be able to remain connected to US Now, are those of you that have walked through the veil. The veil, is your unconsciousness, once you walk through you are in True Reality. For those who have not walked through the veil it will be like talking to a wall, which does not have a clue of what we are talking about.

If you are unconscious you have never experienced anything Real, because while unconscious you have no feelings. You must connect into your Light within, walk through the veil, which is your unconsciousness, and then You experience Real Feelings, which is your Real Self.

Once You walk through, you are then your Future Self, which is the same as your Higher Self. Your Higher Self is your Reconnection into ALL Love IS, Your True Being of Brilliance, WHICH IS WHO YOU TRULY ARE. The veil was originally placed by the Illuminati, into the Dream Machine. This was to keep you separated from Your Self, and All your Other Selves, Which is ALL Of US, because We are ALL ONE, Inter-Connected, Uniquely So.

They put this division in, so that You were separate and isolated, which made it easier for you to be controlled and manipulated into serving them. This is when you disconnected from yourself, which disconnected you from Source, and ALL Love is.

The Only importance Now, is that you Reconnect to your Real Self, Your Higher Self, Your True Self, Reconnect Back into Source, which is all Love is.

~Ignorance wanted to control LOVE, and that is exactly How ignorant, ignorance really is..All ignorance really is, is unconsciousness. Love= The Energy of The Love Called God Everywhere Present= HU=YOU!~

Hu=GOD, Man= Manifestation, "Hu-man." In Truth you are God in Manifestation.

Currently you are in Transformation back into the "HU", that you forgot that you are, which is GOD. This is the Awakening out of the Dream and Accessing ALL the Love You are= ALL LOVE IS.

In True Reality [out of illusion], you are a Human Being, which Means you are a Being of God in Manifestation on Planet Earth=Heart.

Each of you are in Truth also "Starship" Children, and the Consciousness you are, Through FEELING all that is Real=Love, is Present Awareness, this is Awakening into Your Internal Being, God=HU=YOU!!!

In True Love, Equality is the Highest Universal "Thought" Everywhere Present which Benefits the ALL. Within this Understanding of True Love and True Equality, you receive your Divine Inheritance= Direct Connection to Source, Realigned into the TRUTH of Your Equality, Multi-Dimensionally.

Love=Oneness, Love=Spirit, Spirit=Energy, Energy=Pure Consciousness, Pure Consciousness= The Truth of Who you Really are, which is Your Higher Self, Your Real Self, Your True Self, Yourself that is One with Everything, Your Future Self= Your One and Only Self.

WE term the Future Self as Who you are Awakening into. What We have Accomplished, is that We have Reconnected to Our Higher/Future Selves Already, and have brought them Here in the NOW, with that understanding to be shared with you, until you can make the reconnection to Your Real Selves, your Higher Selves, Future selves, that Become your Present Self.

This is not your fantasy or illusionary self, but Your True Selves. Once you can make this Re-Connection, then you will be able to receive the Information Directly as we receive it. You will know when this occurs, and you will completely understand when it does. We say "Welcome to Your Awakening".

In illusion you were cut off from Source, and your inner beings only desire is to Reconnect back into the Love and Source it Truly is. Love goes after Your pain, because this is the only way it can be transformed.[ What you resist persists, what you look is transformed]. We have stated that if we Loved your ignorance, you would remain ignorant. If we Loved who you really are, then you would become more of who you truly are, which is a Love Being, Brilliant in Truth, More Brilliant then many of you can conceive at this point.

Mother Gaia

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