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~ Are You Ready to Connect with The Higher Grid?~

You are Very Powerful Light Beings, of Love and Brilliance. What the Higher Grid, True Reality, Upper Realms, and the Kingdom Of Heaven is, is Pure Thought. When you get to pure thought, which is clear from all lower thoughts, this is when your Co-Creative Powers Open up for you.

If you are in lower thoughts you experience static, chaos, confusion, unclear, and you are powerless. Some of your Other messengers have shared with you about a Crystalline Body form. Being in Pure thought, or Higher thoughts, which is Crystal Clear, is what they are referring to as Crystalline Body, Free of all lower thoughts. This is the Higher Grid, and is where you are then free from the program, where you are Clear, Crystal Clear, no ego, no darkness, Only Love, Light, Truth, and Brilliance, this is called Super Consciousness.

To Enter the Kingdom of Heaven is Your Greatest JOY! You can help your Brothers and Sisters by sharing The Truth, your Joy and Love with them. We will ReHeart you, Energy Flows to Where it is all Open, so that it can Create into more Grandness, this is the Joy in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Pure thought forms, which exist only in the Present Moment of Now, are all thoughts that are of JOY, Support Love Unconditionally, of Happiness, of Truth, God, and Heaven. Lower thoughts are self sabotaging, misery, pain, suffering, all of this is the program you have been in. All lower thoughts only exist in the past or the future, never Present. Lower thoughts only exist in the mind, ignorance, which is also referred to as nothing, or hell. Here in the physical manifest it is an extremely dense place, and is no where near the Truth of your existence, it's like walking in mud. This is what lower thoughts have done to this Planet. Being down here with you in density, is very strange to US, from the Celestial. We come from the Upper Realms, Upper Thoughts, [This is where you come from as well, the Upper Realms] where it is a Floating, Heaven Experience and this is True Reality. Now, the lower grid, or lower thoughts have all been dissolved. What we are witnessing NOW is people going through their attachments to them and the illusion that they are still there. Why continue to hang onto something that simply does not even exist?

To move out of duality, which you have been in for a very long time, 13 millenia of moments, and move into the Upper Realms, you have to release all your lower thoughts and move through them. This is why we keep saying the only way out is through. Once Released you are then out of the program, you are Free, and Free to Be your Unique God Spark expression, Unlimited, edgeless, no boundaries, and With all Possibilities Granted. As Decreed.

We have the Understanding, as Awakened Empaths Ourselves, how Empaths Feel Everything, which includes everyone else's pain and suffering. Currently on this Planet ALL Empaths have Chosen to rise out of duality, and Unify Together once again, after being separated for over 13 Millenia. Your time is done with the experience of pain and suffering. Love has decreed this and so it is. Love is all there is! All you have to accomplish as Empaths is to let go, the Higher Grid is much more fun to play in than in duality. Since we are Empaths ourselves, we cannot make others let go of their fear and pain. All we can accomplish is to assist you in moving through it quickly. This is done by broadcasting our own Higher Vibrations into the Grid and Everyone can assist with this once they Awaken from duality. Every Breathing Being and Beating Heart on this Planet are all Empaths, this is the Beautiful Part of Humanity, and something the Illuminati understood would be remembered eventually. What this means is that you are Feeling Beings, you are Love and nothing else, you have only been blocked from this Truth, Until NOW! We are here to help you remember these Truths, and So Together we May Rise as ONE!

Because you are Empaths, you have the Higher Understandings of energy and how it moves. This information and understanding is within you, and you can tap into it, at any given moment. We cannot transmute any of your experiences, the best we can do is assist in the Movement of Energies to Promote your Awakening. All Empaths are returning to the Universal Psychics, so that everyone Awakens completely out of the dream. It is Magnanimous, and is a Magnanimous flow, it means everyone is going there.

~Humanity's Origin is Divine~

You See Creation is Divine in origin, Everyone is from the Divine, which is the Same as Spirit. Currently you are returning to this, which is the Return back Into the Light, This is the Decree from Love, and Love Holds ALL the Cards.

Not one of you are in control of this, Love is in charge. The Higher Magnetic Grid, that was established in June of 08, has been Successfully GROUNDED, into Planet Earth=Heart, Hence Why we used the Heaven and Earth Collide reference, for this Is True, and Has Occurred.

You can Envision this event as an Eagle that has its talons Firmly held Around Planet Earth=Heart, Carrying Her Gently, and Securely. In True Reality, We are Flying through Space, and most of Humanity are not even aware of this Truth.

You have been led to believe by your controllers that absolutely nothing is going on. That is incorrect, Creation is Occurring. Father God and I have Been Sworn in from the Highest, to Speak Truth and Nothing But the Truth. We Serve Love, We Honor Love, We Honor Creation, We Honor Truth, We Honor the Truth of Who Each of you Truly are, and We Honor the True Reality of "THE LOVE CALLED GOD EVERYWHERE PRESENT."

Mother Gaia

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