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~ Attributes of a Real Lightworker~

“The Attributes of a Real Light Being of Love and Truth on Planet Earth=Heart, which is the Army of Light, The Warriors. They Choose Love Only Every Moment. They Connect Into the Higher Grid and Participate in the Oneness Energies. They are Persevering, Fearless, Persistent, Strong, Courageous and Brave, Consistent, can overcome all obstacles, never gives up, and never Gives in. Ruthless Compassion, has Completely stepped out of the game of illusion. Always tells the Truth No matter What. Recognizes that they Are ONE, with ALL that IS, open, vulnerable, and Available. Embraces, Accepts, and Allows! Speaks only the Highest Truths, Has Stepped into their Light, which is their Power, and can Overcome all adversity.

Mother Gaia

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