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~ Facing Your Mirror~ Your True Freedom

~ Facing Your Mirror~ Your True Freedom. When you are writing or speaking to someone, look at your words carefully. What you try and explain to someone is usually what you yourself need to understand. People tend to project their fears, doubts, illusions and emotions onto other people because they don't want to have to face them.

The emotions that you must face tend to come up over and over again repeating themselves until you are able to recognize them, understand them and than let them go. When you push those feelings away without facing them you project them onto other people. This is why certain things repeat themselves within your life. When you avoid something you still carry it with you as an attachment, until you take the time to go through it. When you face that attachment and understand that it's an illusion, that there is nothing to attach yourself to, it's simple to let go.

So when you find yourself attacking another with words and thoughts, ask yourself why.

Break it down so that you are able to go through it.

Once you go through those issues you realize it's already gone.

The past is gone...and there is nothing left to hold onto. Letting go of the attachments is freeing. You are free from the illusion that you had attached yourself to and were trying to hold onto. You might not have even realized it was there because you would continue to push it away without acknowledging it and pushed it farther and farther away into your subconscious mind.

When you lash out at another it's your ego popping up and reacting to the situation. When something you see or hear goes against what you “believe” you become upset because you are holding on. You feel like you have to cling to those beliefs and justify that you are correct by reacting to a truth that goes against your beliefs.

The ego needs to be taken out of the picture, break it down and let it die, for it is not serving any purpose.

True spiritual growth occurs when you break down past “beliefs” and let go of them. A new foundation is than built within the reality of universal truth. Truth built upon ego is on a foundation of illusion... Would you rather be the person whom builds their house upon the sand and have it washed away, or would you rather build it upon the solid rock of reality and have it last?

Truth is felt within every atom of your being. It's not read in books, (even though some claim that it is) for each experience of truth is as unique as you are. Real truth is experienced through the feeling of unity with all of creation. Our messages are meant to allow you to reach an Oh My God experience, where you open up and feel that truth within for yourself. It's divine gnosis, understanding through feeling and experience.

For what you resist, persists and what you look at disappears. Smile as you feel lighter after you let it go. Feel, and just be the love you are, everywhere present and equal to everything! This is your true freedom!

Mother Gaia

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