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~Spiritual egos have dressed up so many fantasies as real, they "believed" them, and any "belief" is the old paradigm. The new paradigm has no beliefs, only Love and Truth.~

~ Spiritual egos approach life with their intellect, which is the left side of the brain, instead of the Heart, which is the Wholistic Brain, [Right and left side together], which is the Divine connection~

~Spiritual egos look at Love and Truth as a threat, because the Real Truth challenges their fantasies, and without their fantasies, they have to Face the Truth about the lies they told themselves~

~A Spiritual ego is just the old paradigm of power over, dressed up to look new.~

~Spiritual egos would rather be right, than be Happy, to be Truly Happy and in Joy, the ego has to be dissolved.~

~Spiritual egos cannot see the forest for the trees. The reason is because they have a whole lot of fantasies about the trees. They want to be in control of Creation, all the while Creation cannot be controlled.~

~We are unconcerned about the spiritual egos fantasies, True Reality "eliminates" all fantasies. True Reality does not align with any fantasy, True Reality has no fantasy, it takes letting go of all illusions to embrace True Reality.~~



Along the path of enlightenment many developed spiritual egos as the path became to uncomfortable for them, and they began forming fantasies to make it less uncomfortable. Instead of releasing all attachments, they developed new attachments, Same as taking an old car and repainting it, then calling it a brand new car. So what they did was try to dress up the old paradigm and call it the New Paradigm.

ALL egos require food for survival, its food is sucking the life force energy out of the being, it does this through its illusions, fantasies, and anything except True Reality.

Spiritual egos gather together so they each can feed off of each other, to keep their fantasies alive. How this occurs is that One may have a similar fantasy with another, thus they began validating within themselves, and then they came up with more fantasies to feed the lies [refer to dog chasing its tail syndrome].

This greatly has stalled their[ those holding onto the ego] progress, and to all those who are currently Awakening, they are dangerous. We use the word dangerous, because they "believe" their own lies, and can easily convince those coming up into their own power, that the lie they are sharing is the Truth. It can speak of half truths, but it can never speak of the "Whole Truth" because to Speak the Whole Truth, You have To BE The Truth, which is Love in Action.

Another requirement is Feelings. An ego does not have any feelings, and only through feelings does one gain understanding. Through understanding one has Experience, through experience one gains Wisdom, Wisdom to Be and Share the Truth. Since Spiritual egos cannot have feelings, they really have no clue about Truth and it will always fin something incorrect with the Whole Truth, because

it/ego has limits, edges and boundaries. This is something Real Love does not have. Love is Limitless, Edgeless, and has no boundaries.

We can say the spiritual ego is all talk, with incorrect and misaligned actions that go along with it that have absolutely nothing to do with Real Reality. It can write down some truths, even speak some truths, and pretend that it has some clue about Truth, but all it really does, is attempt to interweave truth into its fantasies and then present it as truth.

When it is questioned it will react in a fight or flight way, while Love when Questioned will Respond with Truth. Since the ego/mind does not really exist [it is just a construct of belief systems] it cannot really understand Real Love and Real Truth.

Being Real, and Living the Real and Whole Truth is when Your True Being is Fully Manifested into this Realm, and only occurs when the ego, spiritual ego, has dissolved. For so many of you the spiritual ego is holding the true being inside captive, this must be released for you to move forward, or you will continue being stuck, going in circles, which takes you nowhere.

The spiritual ego is very subtle and tricky it can easily create the illusion of helping and even for slight moments be very convincing, just to support its own fantasies and illusions. It supports the old paradigm of power over, it plays a victim/villain role, and becomes like a bully to The ones Sharing Truth.

You cannot respect spiritual egos because they do not even respect The Real Truth and Real Love. It does not even respect itself because those within it would rather live a lie, than the Truth. Respect comes from Love and Truth only, you cannot respect a lie.

Today's Decree ~ WE Give ALL Awakened Light Workers, Full Grace, to assist in the dissolvement of any and all spiritual egos across the Planet. They do not serve any purpose, but further isolation and separation, AS well as attempting to interrupt, confuse and disturb the Process for others as they Awaken.

This is Decreed and Granted, and SO it is. In the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, egos, spiritual egos and any ignorance does not exist and it is done. And so it is In Heaven as it is on Earth and So it IS! Decreed~

Mother Gaia

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