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~ HOW TO LIFT YOURSELVES OUT OF THE DUALITY EXPERIENCE ~ All ego/spiritual ego=mental plane, cannot enter the High Velocity experience out of duality, because it is still a form of duality, since it promotes isolation and separation. The ego also keeps you from growing. Creation, which is What you Really are, is a constant GROWING, and EXPANSION. It requires a constant choice and a constant release or letting go in Every Moment, consistently, to continue forward. If you hold on, then you miss it. Being Creation is an Experience that every moment is Brand New, it is never the same, it is ever changing. Attached to memories are emotions, usually to install fear. Memories are from the astral plane, and were utilized to keep you stuck in the past, so you were unable to Be Present in the Moment of NOW. This was done through using triggers, such as smells, sounds, and even your Hollywood movies. As all these were too Distract you, so you would recall memories. In order to transform "m"emories and "e"motions, which existed in the lie, or as we referred to as the little me ("m"emories "e"motions), the lie me that existed in illusion. You unify the little me and transform the memories and emotions into the Present Moment of NOW, which is the REAL ME of "M"oments into "E"ternity. You transform the little me by unifying memories and emotions into passion, which becomes Compassion. Compassion is the Real Living Experience of the Present Moment of Now. You cannot experience Real Living and Real Life until you release the attachments of memories and emotions, and transform them. In the little "me", you were involved in a lie, a fantasy, which kept you stuck in an infinite loop, going nowhere, except in circles. For example, many of you understand that you have lived many, many lives within the illusion of the world, on Planet Earth. You were born, and then you died, and then returned again, to do the same thing. This cycle we refer to as duality or illusion, was done over and over again, because you were stuck in the lower realms called the astral and mental plane. These 2 planes, which we have referred to as the lower grid, has been dissolved and no longer exists. The Celestial or the Spiritual Realm, the Higher Grid, is Now all that exists. It Takes Each being to release themselves from this cycle of duality, we can assist by providing the Honest Information, the rest is up to you individually. ~BY letting go of ALL ATTACHMENTS TO MEMORIES AND EMOTIONS[ALL THE PAST] AND UNIFYING THEM, THIS ENERGY THEN TRANSFORMS INTO PASSION AND THEN INTO COMPASSION, THIS IS HOW YOU LIFT YOURSELVES OUT OF DUALITY, THUS ENDING THE DUALITY OR DREAM EXPERIENCE, and You AWAKEN INTO TRUE REALITY~ ~Real Life and the Real Living Experience is based on "Living Moments" not of past memories. Release the memories, and Begin Living in the Present Moment of Now=Eternity, then You Experience LIFE.~ Mother Gaia

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