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~ Its the Moment to Let GO of All Belief Systems~

~ Letting go of all belief systems~

The differing in experiences right now is how clear your body hologram is of conditioned belief systems, which also keeps the left brain or ego program running. This Prevents the Being from Experiencing Heaven on Earth. Clinging to belief systems prevents and will hold a being back. The more bs a being is holding onto, the more challenging experience. The More the being has let go of all bs, the More Love energy comes into the Body Hologram for Grander and Grander Experiences in Love Everywhere Present.

Letting go Every thought you have ever had is key. SO that the Higher Thoughts of Reality=just JOY, may enter.

In these incoming energies. its important that you have Let go of all of the fantasies, Let go of anything you have ever been taught or told, and in this Way you will Be Closer to the Truth, because only Truth remains when illusion is gone.

The more you hang onto the belief systems the Real Truth does not have the space to come in.

~What Planet Did I Come From?~

The Real Reality and The Real Truth is that Each Being on this Planet's Home is Mother Earth. Before You came to Earth, you came Through the Pleiades. This is where you received your Earth Schooling. You are from Everywhere, You Are Royal Angels of the Highest Kind, You Are God. We are All One, and ALL One Within Creation.

Some of You may have thought , that you were from another Star System [Such as Sirius] because many of you have visited these places before. But they are not your Home Star Systems, Mother Earth actually is. Humanity is a Unique Species, made Of Royal Angels, Gods and Goddesses, why else would All Of Creation have their Eyes Glued to Planet Earth at this Moment? They are All awaiting the "Homecoming" and The "Surprise".


We Gave you Souls, so that You could Mirror Yourselves into Oneness. You Received Souls To have this experience.

We Gave You Souls as Angels, and you were Androgynous, before you received these Souls. In order to receive Souls for the "Experience of Love Mirroring Love" You were Split into Male and Female, thus Creating the "Twin Flame", so that you had an exact "Mirror" for the Experience [this is where the Adam and Eve Story came from].

You Each Loved this idea, and were Very Exited about this Journey. So off you each went on your Journeys and each time you came back to Father God and I, we kept noticing more and more of your Light was gone. This is Why You Are Here on Planet Earth, as We sent You Back to Get Your Light and Bring it Home, to Complete the Circuit. This is Also Why the New Earth is Based Upon "Twin Flame" and Companion [Heart to Heart] Relationships.

Mother Gaia

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