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~ This is the Year of The Unfoldment~ Truth is a Brilliant Symphony

Truth is a flowing Symphony, Divine with each Note, arranged Brilliantly in Harmony, a music that keeps on going as we Dance. Once we know Nothing, we know EVERYTHING. For Truth is all that is left once we know nothing, Truth Floats. One cannot "figure truth" out....its not knowing anything that we Understand it all. When We Let go of everything we have ever thought, whether we have come to the conclusion if that thought was True or False, only that which is REAL, Love=Truth=God comes back to US, only the REAL. The Music, this vibrational voice carries with it Vibrations=Energy=Atoms, which ALL of Everything is made of Atoms, which is energy and connects within all Heart Beings. If you are alive you have a Heart. The Heart, is the Connection to the ALL, where we are all ONE. The Music when Heard from within, sets the Being Free, the Love from within holds all the Truths, all the secrets that man has kept from himself, Love is THE TRUTH and is found WITHIN. Love is setting Humanity FREE. The Most Brilliant Symphony that has ever been played on this Planet, is Centre stage, LOVE=GOD, the Very Centre of Creation is playing the Oneness Note. The Call HOME. Its called Truth, from the Voice of TRUTH. All Truth can NOW do is Gather and Join other Truths. The Principle and foundation of the Attraction Factor, LIGHT AND LOVE ARE ATOMS CONNECTING. The Ethics Train is being carried along the Winds of this Music, Of Love, Of Truth, and the Very Truth of Who God is. God is TRUTH. Every word written and contained within this MESSAGE to ALL OF HUMANITY, EVERY LETTER "IS" THIS BRILLIANT SYMPHONY IN CREATION, BEING MANIFESTED, THE WORDS SPOKEN OF LOVE AND TRUTH, The Ethics Train, the Very energy we are all made of and the Very Foundation Creation is Built upon, a Foundation that cannot be stopped, its power is of Nothing a Human Being could even attempt to control. For its TRUTH, and THE CORE. THIS LOVE. THIS TRUTH OF WHO GOD IS=YOU=US=EQUALLY. The Hopi Prophecy is coming true. Gather Yourselves.

This is The Year Your Destiny's Manifest, Let Go, Be Unattached, and Follow the Synchronistic events!

Mother Gaia

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