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The “Third Language”/Telepathy pg 62 out of the Book “Kyron” Channeled through Lee Carrol, along with our interpretation of Current Events. “The Third Language is the New Energy that is Pouring into the Planet Earth=Heart. It is an unseen Broadcast System [also referred to as the Higher Grid] Which is Sending Messages to you Via your Higher Selves. Your Higher Self is your Angelic, Divine part of You, That is Always Present In the Moment of Now. So Now, Currently Each of you [whether aware or unaware] are receiving “The Announcement”/ which is Being Broadcast to you [not through any TV sets], but through the Higher Grid. This Broadcast is sending each of you a tremendous amount of Pure Love energy, an invisible energy, which carries with it personal and Spiritual Information. This is Love Source energy, which you are receiving ALL AT ONCE, TO YOU VIA YOUR HIGHER SELVES, AND EACH OF YOU ON THIS PLANET HAS A HIGHERSELF.

The Information in our Messages comes to you, Via this Broadcast System, because we are completely connected into the Higher Grid. Our Information comes to You in Universal Codes that only the Internal Being can Truly see or comprehend.

Mother Gaia

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