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~Welcome to The Eye of The Needle~

~Welcome to The Eye of The Needle~

~ Many might have had an expectation that this process was going to be easy. We and many others have shared, that indeed, this was not an easy task. Easy in choice, but not easy as you make your way out of unconsciousness or darkness.~

~There is a Light at the end of the tunnel, as this is Guaranteed for those who are on the Path of Ascension. Keeping your Eyes and Your Focus on the Prize so to Speak will assist you through any challenging moments. What is the Prize? Your Ticket out of duality, illusion, all the pain and suffering, and to the Complete Experience of Heaven on Earth. We cannot make the walk for you. You must do the walking.

~Everything that Humanity and Lightworkers across the Planet are now going through we already have [this is why we are "The Ground Crew"], so that we understood how the process felt, and all that came along with it~

There is no easy way out [and you were all aware of this, when you agreed to come in here to this Realm], once you understand this, then you can Move onto the Real Reality and the Real Truth. The only way out is through, and this is by facing yourself, looking at what is Real and True and letting go of what is not.

What is not real and true is ego, what is not real and true is anything that is Not Present in the Moment of Now. What is not real and true is all illusion. Face these things, Step into Real Reality, and Take Back your Light and True Power, which is Why you are here.

~ Letting go of all belief systems~

The differing in experiences right now is how clear your body hologram is of conditioned belief systems, which also keeps the left brain or ego program running. This Prevents the Being from Experiencing Heaven on Earth. Clinging to belief systems prevents and will hold a being back. The more bs a being is holding onto, the more challenging experience. The More the being has let go of all bs, the More Love energy comes into the Body Hologram for Grander and Grander Experiences in Love Everywhere Present.

Letting go Every thought you have ever had is key. SO that the Higher Thoughts of Reality=just JOY, may enter.

In these incoming energies. its important that you have Let go of all of the fantasies, Let go of anything you have ever been taught or told, and in this Way you will Be Closer to the Truth, because only Truth remains when illusion is gone. Mother Gaia

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