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~What does being Pure Mean To Your Body Hologram of Energy? ~

We Understand that The ego~mind told you pure meant following all their rules and beliefs, and if not they said you "sinned", and then you were not pure..In Love there are no rules or beliefs, SO in Truth Being Pure means Being the Love you are In Every Moment, Being in the Present Moment of Now, out of the program. This is Being in Spirit, Love Being Creation.

Love=the REAL YOU, is Being the Unique God Spark Expression, that is Equal to the all, and is not the same as anyone or anything else. This is each Atoms Uniqueness. You are Atoms of Energy, ALL made of Love, Which means you are One with Everything, Uniquely So. Love is the Love Called God Everywhere Present, this means that this energy is vibrating through every Atom in your Body Hologram. Your Body Hologram is in Truth made of Atoms of Energy, that are Pure Consciousness Energy, Creation. Your Body Hologram exists in this Pure Consciousness Energy. To Connect into this, You have to Be Present in the Moment of Now. Creation only Exists in the Present Moment of Now, This is your Connection into Source. Source Energy is Eternal, overflowing, abundant, forever and ever, this is the connection into the ONE. This experience begins when you let go of illusion and connect into who you truly are, Which is Pure Joy.

Your Higher Selves are Always Present In the Moment of Now, whether you are or not. This is why we shared with you, that if you are not Present, you are missing it all. Creation is Always Creating, continually in a forward movement, which is always and forever Expanding. Creation Occurs with or without your awareness or permission. There is nowhere to go back to in True Reality and Creation. Love is an expanding expansion, consistently, which is always Grander and Grander. This is CREATION.

Mother Gaia

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