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A Love Letter to Love - Thank You for The New Earth By ALL Divine Human Angels on Planet Earth

A Love Letter to the Creator Thank You for The New Earth By ALL Divine Human Angels on Planet Earth=Heart (thats all 8 Billion+ All of Humanity are Divine Angels) As above so within, with the deepest Gratitude, Highest, and Purest intent for the GRANDEST AND HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL. Thank you for this Grand opportunity to create Heaven on Earth, to fully awaken AS Human Angels into FULL CONSCIOUSNESS..Thank you for the outpouring of Unconditional Love, Joy, Happiness, Miracles, and Grandness. WE all watch in amazement and deep GRATEFULLNESS as the Divine Plan unfolds before our eyes. Thank you for the return to Completeness, Wholeness, Balance, and Pureness, perfectly aligned in this Beautiful Master Plan as the next level of Creation begins in the unknown....Thank you as we meld with The Universe back into the ONE, and for the belly laughter as we each take off our masks, remembering we were playing a game of illusion...Thank you for setting in front of US Real Reality, A True Reality of Creation, HEAVEN ON EARTH... where we all are living in True, Peace, Harmony, fully supported in our I AM Presence.... On this day Love, we release everything that no longer serves Us for the Greater Good of the ALL... Thank you for blessing US and the release of all that is not of Pure Love.... Thank you for your constant and Loving support as "We" shine our lights, Live our TRUTHS, with courage and confidence. Thank you for all the help and guidance we have been receiving, as we step out of illusion, and Home into True Reality Connecting US to Our Real and True Selves. Thank you for the Smooth and Effortless Transition into The New Earth, and for guiding US with Grace and Gratitude. Thank you for the RETURN OF PURE LOVE... Pure Essence, and for the Abundance of Unconditional Love, Peace, Harmony, Joy, flowing through US NOW.... this is Just the Beginning of a New beautiful Journey together as One, within Creation. Thank you for the amazing and wonderful messages, processes and events..leading to our destination HOME. NOW we can see each other in our Highest Lights and Highest Truths as we cross the bridge, Home into the Light. Thank you for this Moment of Now for we really are LETTING GO AND LETTING LOVE Be In Charge. We Are Becoming The True Reality of Who We Really Are.. as Human Angels. ALL of US NOW, Are each taking our unique roles as instruments of Love and Fulfilling our contracts and purpose in Service to Love Everywhere Present... Thank you as we release today any and all which does not serve US and the ALL for the Highest good at all as we Become The Human Angels we are Destined to Be. Thank you for this NEW EARTH in which Supports Life, Abundance, Freedom, Equality and Oneness... We are ready with our Hearts open to receive... to begin manifesting A NEW STORY... One of Peace, Harmony, Joy, Unconditional Love, Abundance and Grandness.. Thank you for The NOW in which We Are Creating A Paradise of Heaven on Earth Let US bathe in The Great Love that WE Are, let us play like children underneath the waterfalls and Rainbows and Trees. Let Us dance with the unicorns and Give and receive Love Freely... Let US sing with the animals and all of Creation.. Let US swim in the oceans with the dolphins... Let our laughter carry US in sweetness and Unity as we Are the examples of Joy, Love and Peace. Let US Play in the soft grass with freedom of expression and Pure Ecstasy in our Love For Each Other, The Love For the ALL.. [Pause] [inhaling 3 breaths into the heart center] Thank you for this New Earth where we can be WHO WE TRULY ARE AS Gods~Goddesses for this is our vision becoming a True Reality. We are NOW prepared to BECOME THE GREATEST, GRANDEST VISION~VERSION WE CAN BE...To experience again in A New Way, The True Way of The Love Called God Everywhere Present.... And so it is as Above, as it is Within, and Forever Eternally. The Present Moment of NOW, IS The Eternal Forever Moment of NOW, and Always From This Moment on, and So It IS Done. Love, ALL Divine Human Angels

Mother Gaia

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