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Being Present in the Moment Of Now is Simple

~Being Present in the Moment Of Now is Simple, Love Handles the Details. Gratitude is Good, Be Grateful For Everything. All Moments of Eternity are Blessed and Always Grander than the Moment before.

Moments of Eternity are Stringed Together, Creating an Ever Expanding Symphony that has with it Unlimited Grandness within Each Note. The Present Moment of Now, Is Always Now, and is All that is In Existence.

So does time really exist? No it does not, and there is no time in The Eternity of Heaven, because there is no separation of Energy.

The New Earth all That Will Exist, is All of Us Together Uniquely Being As One in Balanced Harmonics. This is Creation and its only Function is Equal Love, Always Reflecting the Equality of Love back into the Highest Possible Experience or Expression For All Beings To Benefit Equally.

This is the Moment to Moment of Now which is Eternity.

Decreed by Heaven, The Unity of Love and True Equality is Now to Be Established on this Planet, Ushering in Peace. This is the Divine Plan Manifesting Now On Planet Earth=Heart.

Mother Gaia

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