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Disclosure is within

An observation from my perspective… many people are very focused on disclosure, Trump and the return of JFK jnr etc, yes it’s all part of the awakening process and the truth coming out.

However, when the truth comes out and the changes are made, then what? They aren’t going to take you for coffee and guide you through your own healing process and help you find your purpose. That discovery is up to you and you alone… this can all be a strong external distraction from your own inner work which should be our biggest priority.

No one is ready for what’s coming, even those who feel they are. Our nervous systems are ready.

Setting a disciplined foundation of spiritual practices and self love will lead you into your connection with your heart and higher self… this is where trust is built within your own Being and you don’t relay on anything external.

In this place you will discover your passion, your purpose, heal and find your joy. From there, your path will be revealed to you and the rest is up to you. When we take responsibility and accountability for everything in our lives our worlds are lit up. There’s no comparison or competition, only unity consciousness that is born from this place.

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