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Each of Your Choice is to Completely Surrender Into Love

Everyone has certain expectations about how everything is to unfold, however, this is not up to each of you. This Energy belongs to the Unknown, where Love and Creation Create for the Highest Good of all, In All Ways. Love has Entered!

Each of Your Choice is to Completely Surrender Into Love. The past no longer exists, this means past memories do not exist.

Let go and Be Free To Experience the Incoming Miracles. These Miracles can only occur in the Present Moment Of Now.

Re-heart, these miracles cannot unfold in the past, only the Present Moment of NOW.

Each and Everyone one of Humanity came to Accomplish a Mission.

To Be Love and Be In Service to Love on this Planet, this is each and everyone's Birth Plan.

The Divine Plan is Well Underway and in process. This is Energetically Moving at an Unstoppable Rate.

Let go of all your expectations and Trust Love.

We understand trusting Love is a foreign concept for many, however, if you would like to Experience these Incoming Energies this is a Requirement.

Let go and Trust Love.


~Love is the Most Powerful Energy on this Planet, Love is Unstoppable, and irreversible~

~All you have to understand is that you are a BEing of Love ~

~Just Be Present and Follow the Synchronistic Events~

Mother Gaia

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