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Freewill though is called Divine Intelligence=Love

Freewill though is called Divine Intelligence=Love. ~ When you are connected in, you are Connected into Divine Intelligence. Divine Intelligence is the Same as = to Brilliance, and is the Same as = to Love Unconditionally~

~Freewill is thought, the Direction of Energy.

Freewill directed towards ignorance gets nothing.

Freewill thought Directed towards Love, Gets Everything, For the Greater Good of the ALL.

Our Freewill Thought is Directed towards Love. WE Serve Love, Therefore we Get Everything.

Now, you must choose ONE. Freewill Energy is also the same as Life Force Energy, or Life Essence.

How DO you really Become a Co-Creator?

How DO you Create Your Reality?

When your Freewill Energy Thought is Directed towards Serving Love, which means you are serving Life.

By Serving Love, You Bring More Love into Your Experience,

The Love Called God Everywhere Present, True Reality.~

Mother Gaia

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