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Galactic Federation CALLING the 144,000

144,000 Light houses, pillars of light, Beings that are coded and gilded Christ, we call you. Your hearts have been transforming into the uninterrupted Source connection. In this you have sworn into absolute responsibility for self and each other, finding harmony within you so that you may guide the planet into this unconditional love consciousness. This is a global reset and rebirth, this does not come without vigorous faith, a deep knowing that breeds trust, and the unequivocal commitment to the shedding and dying of what does not belong or survive in the New Earth frequency.

Many have found this process overwhelming to say the least, many have left the dimension of earth, transitioning to other dimensions to do work there, to the grief of your loss, we herald in specific frequencies to meet you at the other side of your pain.

Warriors of Light! You are honoured with God’s Holy protection and traction and resurrection of all needed to get you through this time. Dear Code bringers, Key holders, gate Guardians, Angelic ones, you are doing so well! We love you! Do not lose heart when the manipulation becomes harsh on planet Earth. It is the entities that have broken laws on this planet and it is their last attempt to create chaos to gain energy from you Dear Ones. Your life force has been a commodity since the beginning. Control and enslavement runs in your DNA. You have false memory of things that have caused you great shame, and in that shame you have lost parts of you, you have made choices in the dark that you are now coming to terms with, you are atoning your soul, activate total soul fragment reset you now must make your frequency your greatest principle. The wealth on this planet must go to all people, the Peace on the planet must be retrieved through your subconscious mind, the conscious work you are doing is creating neural pathways to high intelligence that you are. Protectors of Peace, we beyond honour your Courage and Worth, when you become weary and feel weak, you will be known by your hearts love frequency, it is not going unnoticed. It helps people to connect to pure crystalline grid systems through your peace. Oh, they will knock on your door and you will answer and you will show them the way.

This is a message from the High Galactic Federation, channelled through Dove and Nicole. There is work to be done with all of you, the hopelessness you feel is actually the trigger to set off the biggest trust Bomb you have ever experienced. All negative things God makes right. The more chaos, the more it will be met with love, know that the more truth that comes out, the more you will be swarmed with lies. Do not get caught in the confusion, it is to distort your frequency. You know what is happening, so reaching above it is not bypassing, the more you look at the evil, the more it will seep into your veins and drop your frequency. Find your balance as to the amount of negative information you take in at a time, leave time to integrate it, grieve, and keep going. Your eyes and heart must stay risen on the Faith that produced you. The love that not only made you, but allowed you to create in the image of God. Your light bodies are majestic vehicles, and expression of God’s unfailing love.

Protect your bodies, your home and your level of abundance, lack has put many men and woman in the streets and has made a great many people take their lives. Continue to create success, continue to follow your mission, continue to hold your purpose dear to your hearts. This moment has been prophesized and spoken of through distorted lenses, so please do not get caught up in one idea, open your mind to the possibilities of all you have been created. Do not get sucked into the Armageddon programming, that will bring great fear into your beings. You mustn’t let fear give more control to your choices. You are epic in proportion and powerful beyond your knowing. Be strong, the last thing we will tell you and the most important thing we will share with you is that we are in a time where you must decide to be in your utmost integral alignment. All that causes you shame that isn’t you, will be brought to the light. ALL THINGS WILL BE BROUGHT TO THE LIGHT.

You will make many choices to hand over things that have been destroying you. You can right any wrong you feel you may have done, and once you hand this over, you must learn to stop the judgement you have for yourself. God love you and does not judge you in the way you think. This supreme all, called God, wants to build a relationship with you, so that you may know peace, so that in your weakness you may find strength and in your judgement you may find correction , so that you may TRANSFORM.

Dove and Nicole

Twin Flame Revolution

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