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his is also a good time to stop reacting to 3D events

This is also a good time to stop reacting to 3D events. If you are reacting to 3D events and news with negative emotions, please go within and recenter yourself in LOVE. 3D events and news are illusions. This is the time to remove your energy from The Program, not invest more energy in it. If you are finding this difficult, you might choose to ignore 3D news for a while. Focus on the positive and the new Earth that we are co-creating instead. Focus on your own spiritual development. Focus on your mission and discover how you can best be of service.

Karma - What about karma? Through Divine Intervention, the karmic cycle has been broken. There will be no karmic debt from your incarnation here.

Making Changes to Prepare for Ascension - Some people say we need to make changes, like becoming vegetarian or starting yoga, in order to ascend. Is this true? You do not have to make any changes you don’t want to. Doing whatever brings you joy is right action. You may notice that the things that bring you joy change over time, so go with the flow.

What is the meaning of life? To evolve spiritually, To Love Yourselves and all of creation

Raising Your Vibration and Preparing for Ascension You raise your vibration by embracing LOVE, BEing LOVE, BEing Present in the Now, and doing whatever brings you Joy. Activities that raise your vibration include being in Nature, connecting with trees, listening to music, and simple breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth. To help center yourself in LOVE, you might want to envision breathing in LOVE and LIGHT and breathing out LIGHT, LOVE, and Gratitude. If you are doing things that raise your vibration and you want to ascend; if you are open to and embracing the process to full consciousness, you will ascend. Only people who are choosing to stay in 3D will not ascend in December. What’s the secret to Ascension? LOVE. Don’t worry. Be happy.

The Program - What do you mean when you refer to “The Program?” The Program, The Matrix, and The Illusion all refer to the same thing. Nothing in this dimension is real. Our goal is to realize this and break free. This may be the most difficult Truth for many people to grasp. Your understanding of this likely will not come all at once. As you raise your vibration, develop spiritually, and embrace LOVE as the only real emotion, your understanding of The Program and other issues will increase.

Time – Time is an Illusion Time is a 3D concept. There is really no such thing as time. It does not exist in the higher dimensions. This is why you will often hear us refer to “The Present Moment of Now.” By understanding that time is not real and focusing on and existing in the NOW, you help to free yourself from The Program. In The Present Moment of Now, Love is everywhere present. As you develop spiritually, you will be able to understand this more and more.

Mother Gaia

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