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In True Reality, there is no right or wrong. Just Presentness

In True Reality, there is no right or wrong. Just Presentness, Being Love, and sharing that Love within the Oneness, Equally. Therefore there exists no judgments, just the Responsibility of Being Present within the Love you are. Your Salvation out of ignorance is by Being the Love You Truly are, which is the same as your Awakening into True Reality, which is the Kingdom of Heaven, where we are all Equal to All That Is. All That Is is One with Everything. This is the same as THE LOVE CALLED GOD EVERYWHERE PRESENT, WHICH IS ALWAYS THE PRESENT MOMENT OF NOW.

The Real Truth is not always easily embraced or accepted in a society that has taught you only lies.

It's not easily heard by you for this Reason, among many others. The Reality of Truth is not about fluffy “Love songs”, telling someone what they want to hear or that everything will be okay, and someone else will take care of it for you.

Many of you have a belief that we are here to save you, as if we can shine our beam of light on you, and all of your darkness and ignorance will just go away immediately. This is a fantasy, because it is impossible.

You are the only ones that can clear away your program, and release yourselves from the chains of darkness.

Many of you have had fantasies about Love, one we often observe is “I'll be nice to you, if you are nice to me”.

This is not Love, this is pretend Love. In Truth, Real Love faces all illusions, all delusions, all fantasies and all lies. This is what Real Love is about, facing it all, until it is all Clear and does not exist anymore.

This process does not feel good for those of you deep in illusion, because you have to come face to face with your own ignorance to be the Love you Truly are.

Real Love is not an experience that feels good to you if you are still in illusion.

You cannot experience Real Love until you are completely out of the program.

Once you are out, then you experience Real Love, which is a Wholistic Experience. Otherwise, it is impossible.

Love is the Gift to you that is always being given, but is yet to be received by those in darkness and illusion.

The Gift is the Present Moment of Now.

Decreed by Heaven, The Masculine and Feminine Energies are merging to assist the Planet Into complete Balanced Harmonics. This is the Divine Plan Manifesting Now On Planet Earth=Heart.

Mother Gaia

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